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Modern desktops: Re-imagining the workhorses of personal computing

With the rise of mobile devices, you might wonder what the future holds for desktop computers. While the total number of mobile users surpassed desktop users around 2014, the number of people still using desktops might surprise you. The desktop is alive and well, and a new crop of task-specific desktops are rewriting the look and utility of the original personal computing device.

Personal computing workhorses

People still find desktops useful for a number of reasons. They provide a level of computing power, flexibility and durability that many portable devices are only beginning to achieve.

From a usability perspective, a desktop allows people greater display versatility and visibility. It may be difficult to see the spreadsheet numbers you're crunching on the smaller screens of tablets or laptops. A smartphone screen just isn't large or robust enough to give you a visually rich gaming experience. Online shopping on a desktop makes it easy to enlarge catalog images, work out of multiple tabs and comparison shop. In addition, you can speak to Cortana, the personal digital assistant, on your Windows 10 desktop and rely on her for notifications.

In fact, one study found that nearly 75 percent of U.S. adults own a desktop or laptop computer. Multiple studies point to the idea that people choose desktops for more complex digital activities, and tend to spend longer on web pages when they use their desktops versus mobile devices.

New look, new tasks

While desktops continue to play an important role in people's digital lives, desktop designers aren't resting on their laurels. Instead, they're producing new Windows 10 desktops designed to facilitate specific tasks - and look cool while doing it. Three key areas of focus are gaming, productivity and consumer use.

Gaming desktops emphasize high-resolution, realistic and immersive graphics, as well as virtual reality capabilities. For example, the Dell Alienware Area-51 is virtual reality (VR)-ready, making it ideal for gamers. Its support for super-high resolution 4k displays and multi-tasking power also make it a preferred platform for developers and programmers. Running Windows 10 and up to 10-core Intel Core i7 Extreme processor options, the PC's unique tricorn outer casing is also designed for versatility and utility. The desktop can easily be turned onto any one of its three corners for ease of access to ports when attaching and removing cables.

PC manufacturers are challenging conventional desktop designs and coming up with breakthrough devices. New designs take into account that personal tastes and preferences can influence PC selection as much as the type of tasks people will perform on their desktops. For example, the new futuristic Samsung ArtPC Pulse marries leading-edge styling with powerful computing capability.

Running Windows 10 and equipped with a 6th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, the PC delivers exceptional graphics, smooth visuals, easily expandable storage, and 360-degree Omnidirectional Sound.

Finally, if you're looking for the perfect device for your home office or family use, new desktops like the HP Elite Slice offer big power in compact casings. Small and sleek, this Windows 10 PC is powered through a USB connection to a monitor, minimizing the need for cables on top of your desk. Specialized casings and attachments allow the PC to act as a speaker phone, multi-media player or wireless device charger.

While laptops and other PC form factors can be a good choice, the desktop certainly has a special seat at the table. New designs, expanded capabilities and outstanding versatility make today's desktop computer as powerful, useful and preferred as ever.

To learn more about today's desktop computers and for a list of deals and where to buy, visit your local Microsoft Store or

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