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Anna Burns

Brookwater Construction, Inc. was founded in 2001. Anna Burns says from her business office, “We have implemented what’s called Open book management construction,” she adds, “We hide nothing, no tricks and no fees, nothing underhanded, just a clean approach to busness.” During these tough times Brookwater Construction uses a new approach in doing business with contractors, working directly with clients and banks. 

Burns said she has an optimistic outlook. “If the economy gets better then the work we have done in the past people will payoff.”  Brookwater has been in business for more than seven years and has developed a reputation of quality and excellence in the marketplace. 

Brookwater has built hundreds of homes, businesses, and developments in over twenty years.  Burns serves as the principal and has worked the gamut of the construction industry.  Burns graduated the Milwaukee School of Engineering with dual Bachelor degrees of Science in Construction Management and Architectural / Structural Engineering.

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