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In A Tough Economy New Technology is King

Yama Dastgir Chief Executive Officer of Bee Technologies (Bee Tech) S.A., in Athens Greece focuses particularly in the field of Intelligent Transport solutions (ITS).  The firm’s niche market has drastically changed due to new business trends. “Our goal is to be number two since we have grown 20 percent up for the year from third place as rated in the industry.” Dastgir said during a recent interview in late November. “In fact, policies in Greece are rapidly changing and they are not business friendly,” he added. 

The company provides network solutions for highways, road tolling systems and operations; principally, in transport, infrastructure and system supply coordination. The projects include post offices, the ministry of defense, Athens International Airport as well as work with Pireaus Bank, Dastgir said. “Greece has not yet felt the financial impact as the rest of the world,” he added, “for example, our trading markets are booming in tourism and shipping while the small businesses of this economy are absorbing the impact for the rest of us”. 
Dastgir said Bee Tech Inc. has been facing a number of new challenges. He said his company has had to revamp the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems service and maintenance, and the maintenance of manual toll systems.

With these new challenges for the upcoming year, Bee Technologies has managed the toll system software and hardware, including turnkey products for network and database management.  “We focus on the fundamental needs of our customers’ integrating toll and traffic system management with creative solutions and flexibility,” he said.

Nemeseos 6, Metamorfosi Athens
Ph: +30-210-9885201

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