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What's Nano technology? God Knows?

But, according to Jean-Pierre Rickli, who calls himself "a self-made energy prophet," believes that the future supply of energy will depend heavily on Nano technology. For the last nine years, Rickli has been working in the field of chemical engineering and building power plants. His very own company, JPR Concepts, has been around for a short time dealing primarily with private and large corporations.

Headquartered in Switzerland, the company does most of its business in the surrounding region, including Germany, France, and Italy. JPR’s mission is to build and supply renewable energy which, by 2050, could be widely provided in the host countries. The work involves using a complex process of integrating energy within the building industry, and in various heating institutions in addition to household appliances. For the planning of these projects, JPR has been laying its basic groundwork, working to develop the tools necessary to distribute energy.

Jean-Pierre engages in energy-coaching with the International Scientific Conference on energy innovation. "Their focus is on renewable energy, hybrid passive cooling, and solar energy conversion using nano technology," Rickli said.

Before starting his own company, Rickli served as General Manager for Alstom, Ltd., a global leader in power generation and rail infrastructure.

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