“At least a billion people on earth at this moment who would consider their prayers answered if they could trade places with you.” – Sam Harris

We need to recognize that inflation in the long-term is a probability but not a certainty. Macroeconomics is a voodoo science; it appropriately belongs in the liberal arts department.

Over the last six months we have skewed our portfolio more towards defense companies. We have done this intentionally. The world appears less safe today than at any time since the Berlin Wall came down.

The S & P 500 struck 33 new "All Time High" (ATH) levels in 2020, a year that also saw a major market value melt down in March and significant volatility throughout. This year began

The hedge fund industry is dynamic, comprising of numerous strategies that attract varying degrees of interest over time. Demand for each strategy is impacted by many variables

Pipelines are undergoing a renaissance today, but it’s not the one you think. The previous renaissance of shale oil and natural gas development was anything but a good outcome for

Investment portfolios perform best over the long term when cost based ( working capital) asset allocation is used to keep the investment management decision maker (the investor)

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