According to a 2019 survey conducted jointly by CNBC, and investment-trading platform Acorns, some 75 percent of Americans manage their own finances with no help

Confusion over whether their financial advisor acts as a fiduciary continues to plague consumers, despite recent regulatory efforts to establish clearer standards.

Investors need more than advice on asset allocations or which stocks to buy – they also need an advisor who communicates often and in language they can understand.

Studies show many consumers don’t understand the concept of fiduciary. The State of Consumer Retirement Advice Survey, conducted in 2017, found that just four in 10 people

If you ask a group of people what a financial advisor does, chances are you’ll hear many thoughts on the types of services offered—but in some cases you may just get a blank stare.

Transparency serves clients well. The film “The Big Short” might be a somewhat-sensational, fictionalized retelling of the 2007 financial crisis, but it got one thing right: nobody appears to

Financial advisors constantly grapple with new laws and regulatory changes. And for prospective investors searching for a good advisor, the best question to ask is: How do you keep up?

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