The Department of Labor has proposed the implementation of a fiduciary rule which would require all financial services professionals, including stock and insurance brokers, to put their clients’

Can I have a show of hands please? How many of you know the difference(s) between "defined benefit" pension plans and 401k, IRA, 403b, and other forms of "defined contribution" plan?

 When it comes down to the competitive business of caring for clients’ money, an advisor’s flexibility to choose the right investments, while keeping expenses low, and giving investors great service, one only needs to turn to the rock-solid registered investment advisors who always stand stoic in protecting the clients best interest.

Most clients assume their advisory is a fiduciary – but they’re wrong. Investors rarely know whether their advisor acts as a fiduciary, and that’s probably because they assume putting clients first

Fee-Based Planning Reduces Conflict and Assures Best Practices for Clients. Too often the financial industry is driven by product sales, which compromises the client’s interests.

Investing with Christian-based Principles. In the debate over mandated fiduciary standards, faith-based advisors like David Nielsen, owner of Nielsen Financial Services, don’t need government

A Risk Number System Quantifies Date for Each Stage of Life. Managing risk is not new to financial planning, but few advisors can pinpoint risk by using a scientific formula that maximizes

The commitment to “paying yourself first” is one many financial advisors urge their clients to make. Professionals within the financial services industry have been repeating this mantra for so

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