In the United States, about one out of every 210 people has experience trading online, according to The phenomenal growth of internet trading, mobile apps

The net worth of a typical White family in the U.S. is $171,000, but it is only $17,150 for a typical Black family, according to a February 2020 report from the Washington-based Brookings Institution.

In 2020, women made only $0.81 for every dollar men made, according to, widely regarded as the world’s most advanced compensation platform. Increasingly, that wage gap – and particularly its potential cumulative

Women have made major strides in recent years “to become the most powerful consumers and gain social and professional positions,” according to a Penn State Financial Literacy

American families continue to struggle with financial literacy – the ability to understand how to make smart money decisions. When people know how to handle their assets better,

Financial literacy continues to provide challenges for American families, despite industry-wide efforts to strengthen consumers’ understanding of basic money management techniques.

Expecting to launch in time for the holiday season, Bull & Bear Brew will allow you to order coffee – with a shot of financial literacy.

With an online trading platform like Robinhood, investors can jump in with any amount, for as little as $1, thanks to fractional shares. As a result, traditional financial

Many people use others as a benchmark when examining their own personal progress toward accomplishing their financial goals.

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