Many financial planners find that volunteering in their community through such activities as offering basic financial literacy classes can bring significant returns on both a personal and professional level.

More schools require high school students’ complete classes in finance and economics, but change is still needed and fast. The 2020 Survey of the States – conducted by the Council for Economic Education – is beginning to show an increase

Poor financial literacy continues to hamper many Americans’ quest for prosperity and security. While more schools now offer personal finance courses for younger people

More millennials are turning to financial advisors as they get an early start on planning their financial future, providing opportunities for advisors to expand their client base.

A growing number of investors are prioritizing socially responsible outcomes in addition to financial results as they align their assets with personal values through environmental

In the United States, about one out of every 210 people has experience trading online, according to The phenomenal growth of internet trading, mobile apps

The net worth of a typical White family in the U.S. is $171,000, but it is only $17,150 for a typical Black family, according to a February 2020 report from the Washington-based Brookings Institution.

In 2020, women made only $0.81 for every dollar men made, according to, widely regarded as the world’s most advanced compensation platform. Increasingly, that wage gap – and particularly its potential cumulative

Women have made major strides in recent years “to become the most powerful consumers and gain social and professional positions,” according to a Penn State Financial Literacy

American families continue to struggle with financial literacy – the ability to understand how to make smart money decisions. When people know how to handle their assets better,

Financial literacy continues to provide challenges for American families, despite industry-wide efforts to strengthen consumers’ understanding of basic money management techniques.

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