Building Trust Building Relationships. Maintaining a philosophy that listening is the key to earning trust while education and action is the key to keeping it.

Understanding What Purpose They Support. Damian Rothermel CFP®, founder and financial planner of Rothermel Financial Services, LLC, believes in the bucket approach to retirement

Helping clients confront the financial realities characterizing today’s retirement – often longer and more active than those of previous generations – is a growing part of the job description for

Quality Trumps Risk in Long-Term Retirement Planning. Conventional wisdom tells us to subscribe to the buy-and-hold mantra of investing, and that investors should take risks in search of big

Baby boomers hoping to retire by 65 need a reality check. “Nowadays, with a million dollars, you have to take a lot of risk to equal what you could have received with that portfolio even

Look away from the TV, and call your advisor. Retirement planning can be easy – especially for those who listen, keep an open mind and take their eyes off those always-apoplectic TV pundits.

The replacement of trustee-managed benefit plans with self directed, defined contribution, investment programs, was part one of a two stage assault on the ability of the average investor to

The correct answers can unlock thousands in additional monies. Today’s retirees and soon-to-be retirees are focused on getting the maximum value from their retirement planning.

Staying at the Forefront of Transparency and Industry Trends. In an environment when many financial planners are moving away from the traditional commission-based model to a fee-based

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