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Teaching clients the difference between investing and trading is critical to guiding them through choppy, volatile markets without seeing them become victims of emotionally-based choices.

For David Fowler, owner and CEO of Greenstone Financial Group, LLC, based in Salisbury, Mass., that difference is what determines how he helps clients reach their financial goals – especially when unpredictable markets strain client resolve.

“Market volatility is as old as the market itself,” Fowler said. “We remind our clients that there is a difference between investing and trading. We are in the business of developing long-term plans for our clients using the best industry methods available to us. We are not in the business of trading. Discussing this important difference with our clients helps to ease their fears and concerns.”

With 23 years of experience in the financial services industry, Fowler is a big fan of creating a customized plan for each client’s specific needs.

“I specialize in working with each individual to help them define their financial goals while providing solutions to help achieve these goals,” Fowler said. “There is so much more to a good plan than simply selecting good funds and managers. A client’s entire situation must be understood and considered before any type of plan can be put into place. In doing so, a more customized solution can be put into place, thereby benefiting the client.”

For Fowler, his greatest success comes when a client’s plans are realized by achieving those dreams and goals.

“Whether it be planning for retirement, college for the kids, saving for a second home – or anything in between, when I see a client reach his or her goals, it is extremely rewarding,” Fowler said. “I am reminded that I'm not only a financial advisor, but I am also an educator.”

Learn more about David Fowler and Greenstone Financial Group, LLC, online at www.greenstonefinancialgroup.com

Fowler is an Investment Adviser Representative and he offers securities and investment advisory services through NEXT Financial Group, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC.  Greenstone Financial Group, LLC is not affiliated with NEXT Financial Group, Inc.

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