Impressive Low-Cost Security Improvements to Protect Your Business

According to multiple reports on the FBI website, burglaries typically take less than one minute. Unfortunately, victims of burglary offenses lost an estimated $4.6 billion in property. Will your home or business be compromised?

ABC reported that burglars took $8,000 in computers from a Fresno, California, business. Similar reports make the news daily; businesses facing catastrophic losses from burglary. Don’t take chances on the financial security of your business and protect it with the latest security improvements.

Camera Security

Installing high-tech security cameras doesn’t have to break the bank. Unlike many security camera brands, Lorex security cameras can be purchased outright without the need for an expensive monthly subscription and fees. Choose from indoor or weatherproof outdoor cameras to wirelessly monitor for break-ins, vandalism and other damage. For businesses that want multiple security cameras two- and four-pack options are available.

Facial Recognition Tools

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, there have been 5,497 confirmed data breaches compromising 818 million records from 2005 to 2015. That number grows weekly as the site confirms more data. Unfortunately, passwords are easily hacked and important customer data and sensitive business information can destroy a business and client’s trust. Passwords may become a thing of the past. Intel True Key works in combination with your laptop or smartphone's camera to scan for your unique facial features. True Key remembers your password and instantly logs you in by accessing your encrypted profile information.

Video Surveillance in a Lightbulb

Give your business security a boost with the Snap surveillance lightbulb by Sengled. The LED lightbulb illuminates the area to keep burglars at bay while also employing a wireless HD camera inside. Snap is simple to set up and easily portable to cover different areas depending on your business security needs. You can even take it home with you when you’re working from the home office.

Fingerprint Protected Safes

Protect your valuables, devices and sensitive files with the Barska Biometric Top Access Drawer Safe. Slip it in your drawer for quick access without compromising on security. The safe comes equipped with a reinforced motorized deadbolt that can be opened with one finger. The safe knows your fingerprint and keeps items protected until you’re ready to personally access them.

Data Backup

Securing your business property isn’t the only way to stay safe. Protect your business data, contracts and confidential information by backing it up in the cloud. Lose the paper trail and access your documents anytime you need. A secure cloud service can back up your business’s computers or other devices to restore in an emergency, after a burglary or simply access a lost file anytime you need it. Many services can also set up sub-administrators to pass onto your employees and history of who has viewed which files.

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