Selling Assets Requires a Fair Appraisal

Turbulent economic times, a new or existing partnership, divorce or a property transfer all need to be guided by an experienced appraiser who can determine the appropriate value of your assets.

“If I inflate my numbers for a specific client or purpose without proper support, I’m out of business … I call it the way I see it,” said Jeffrey White, founder and CEO of Valuation Specialists, LLC. “I’m the one who has to testify in court. I’m the one who has to support my value conclusion. Most attorneys appreciate that … they feel comfortable that when we give them a product, it’s accurate.”

White’s Wisconsin and Minnesota firm provides business valuations, machinery & equipment and commercial and residential real estate appraisals for a vast variety of reasons. Whether it is settling the value of a business during a divorce or putting a figure on factory equipment during a business closure or purchase, Valuation Specialists, LLC, can assist clients beginning the sales process of their assets. White himself is a member of the American Society of Appraisers, among other professional organizations. He worked in the field for more than three decades with some of the most leading firms in the country.

White noted that approximately $11 trillion will change hands over the next five to ten years as baby boomers wind down the companies that took lifetimes to build, and sell off businesses, commercial buildings, homes and other property. All of those assets need to be appraised and a smaller, more responsive appraisal firm – like Valuation Specialists, LLC – can often fit the needs of small- and medium-sized clients better than large national corporations. We work hand in hand with accountants, bankers, attorneys and business owners.

“We try to help people out and try to make sure it is a win-win situation for all parties,” White said.

While buyers with money might seem scarce at the moment, selling assets without an appraisal is a non-starter. White – licensed certified in all areas of appraisal – has appraised in states across the country.

White has handled valuations for a variety of clients, such as splits arising from divorce, financial institutions, buying and selling a business, among other buyers (and sellers).

He also spends considerable time communicating with clients, making sure they understand the process. Selling a business, a commercial property or other asset can be stressful, and the appraisal process is there to make facilitating the sale easier and more equitable.

“You have to understand that this is their livelihood,” White said. “You have to respect that.”

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