Not much has changed in the 21 years since Mike Engler founded his own wealth management company. On some evenings he still finds himself seated at a client’s kitchen table, eating pizza as

Financial management shouldn’t just be about the number of dollars in an account. Instead, it ought to focus on the purpose those dollars represent for funding the aspirations,

Keeping clients on track for retirement . For the small business owner, time is in limited supply. The bulk of it is spent on managing personnel, driving profit margins, balancing budgets

Insurance Experts Negotiate For the Best Rates and Policy Terms. Entrepreneurs, business owners and wealthy individuals understand the value of life insurance and, because of their complex

Creating an income stream that lasts a lifetime isn’t accomplished without significant planning. In Charlotte A. Dougherty’s professional experience, it also takes a written plan that guides both

One key to maintaining those long-term relationships is to, first of all, get on the same page. “In an initial consultation with a client, it’s very important to have realistic expectations. We want our clients to share our investment philosophy so that we both can agree and move forward,” he said. “It’s important to stick to the game plan.”

As the media dwells on 2016’s coming changes in the administration of Social Security, more forward-thinking financial advisors are acknowledging the alteration but not allowing it to sway their

Effective client-advisor relationships are imperative to successful planning for both parties. Talented advisors want to work with clients who want help achieving their long term financial goals,

Staying Calm in the Face of a Changing Market. Former professional tennis instructor turned professional financial planner, Eugene Harvey Hines knows playing to win starts with having

Viewing Money Differently. Generations of Americans trusted in the bank as an institution and as a symbol of how working hard and saving money could help us get ahead.

Clients rarely need only one type of service. Investment Advice, Retirement Planning and Taxes – just to name a few – can all play a role in ensuring that financial goals are being met.

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