The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted financial activity globally – and it continues to plague our nation. As Americans pivot to keep pace, we examine how the pandemic has affected the dialogue between financial advisors and investors – particularly, we focus on the dialogue between financial advisors and potential clients. Advisors share their thoughts about how clients and advisors can vet each other during a challenging and uncertain economic future.

In 2020, assets managed by SEC-registered investment advisory (RIAs) firms increased by 13.2% to $110 trillion, while the number of advisors grew by 2.9% to 13,880, according to the July-published “Investment Adviser Industry

If the experiences of 2020 through today are teaching us anything – it is that volatility can be even more unpredictable than many of us could have imagined. But here’s a silver lining: leading advisors are helping their clients to weather

Getting a divorce is not always an easy decision to come to. Whatever may precipitate the need for separation can be less than civil, but that doesn’t mean that the divorce process has

Financial advisors, by and large, are sharply focused on planning properly for their clients, but often they don’t do enough planning for themselves and their own practice.

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