In offering my thoughts on 2018, I see my role in reminding investors to stress test their portfolios. Is your portfolio built of straw, sticks or brick?

 Financial guru Suze Orman believes women bring a different mindset to the fiscal table. She argues that there's a sharp difference in how men and women invest for th

It’s hard to decide on a single reason that we need more genuinely-committed elder care specialists in the financial planning industry. Is it simply based in numbers, because over 13% of the

Financial literacy can mean the difference between working from paycheck to paycheck, and building real, lasting wealth. But schools, community organizations, and even parents often fall

Eighty percent of retired NFL players go broke in their first three years out of the league, according to Sports Illustrated. Mario Henry was one of them.

3 Ways To Avoid Discouragement. If you’ve taken a look at the balance in your retirement savings lately and you’re feeling discouraged, you may not be alone.

Keeping up with residential maintenance can get difficult for seniors for all kinds of reasons, from physical to financial. As an advisor, you know the state of your client’s finances and are wel

Someone submitted millions of fake comments against the open internet using stolen identities

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