A Win-Win in Loss Control

“I guess you could say loss control runs in my blood,” said Erich Beswick, CEO of Alpha Loss Control Services. His father founded the company over 20 years ago, and young Beswick was introduced to the importance of loss control when he went along on car rides as his father performed on-site inspections. Today, with Erich Beswick at the helm, Alpha continues to work with ever-larger insurance companies across a range of industries. “The Beswick name is recognized and respected in the industry and we have grown tremendously since 1989,” he said. “And more importantly, we have thrived through the last three years of this challenging economy.”

It’s not just the recession that presents fresh challenges. These days, the insurance industry is going through monumental changes. There is less writing of policies, primarily due to the obvious economic toll on companies. Because the retail insurance agent can place a policy with a new carrier for only a few dollars less, companies must be careful with their pricing. Alpha understands this dilemma and has modified its fees accordingly without altering its quality.

By visiting Alpha Loss Control online, clients can see what sets this business apart from the competition. “Our website allows our clients to navigate through a variety of options, to access and control each inspection request from the assigning phase all the way to the report’s completion, and well beyond,” explained Beswick.

The company has also streamlined the process of submitting and retrieving inspection requests. This technical enhancement has eliminated the redundancy of manual entry and reduced labor costs for its clients. Erich Beswick keeps open lines of communication with his clients and makes regular visits to their offices, advising them on additional ways to reduce inefficient practices. Working together keeps everyone ahead of the curve.

And it doesn’t stop there. Underwriters who work with Alpha can count on a uniquely capable team—and considering the diversity of industries to which Alpha caters, this is quite a feat. “During my frequent visits to our clients,” said Beswick, “the underwriters have expressed to me that our reports are much more comprehensive, and are superior to those of our competitors. This proves that Alpha is leading our industry. As a matter of fact, we have underwriters requesting their superiors to contract us!” It is this commitment to client satisfaction that puts Alpha Loss Control Services a step above other loss control companies, and Beswick plans to keep it that way.

“Our mission has never changed,” he said. “We want to maintain our position as the top loss control company in the Southeast; and we will continue to provide our customers with efficient, precise and quality inspection reporting.”

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