Clients often tell W. Ray Stagner that, no matter what else happens, they want him to do one thing – protect the amount of their principal. In the process, he shields his clients with a solid

Noticing something wrong with the insurance industry back when he started out in the early 1980s, wealth manager Rick Clark started crafting out customized solutions.

Dean Baker is an economist and the co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research based in Washington, D.C. He is the author of several books including his latest entitled, “Getting

Your Golden Years need a Commited Advisor. Building assets requires blood, sweat, tears – and a financial advisor who understands how close that money is to you.

We’re a relationship-driven firm. We believe in trust, integrity and objectivity. Clients who value a relationship will do very well with us - and we’ll do very well with them - because there is that

“The clients I love are the ones who stay engaged in the process,” said Donald L. McCoy, J.D., President and Chairman of the Board at Planners Financial Services.

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