Effective client-advisor relationships are imperative to successful planning for both parties. Talented advisors want to work with clients who want help achieving their long term financial goals,

Staying Calm in the Face of a Changing Market. Former professional tennis instructor turned professional financial planner, Eugene Harvey Hines knows playing to win starts with having

Viewing Money Differently. Generations of Americans trusted in the bank as an institution and as a symbol of how working hard and saving money could help us get ahead.

Clients rarely need only one type of service. Investment Advice, Retirement Planning and Taxes – just to name a few – can all play a role in ensuring that financial goals are being met.

Conversation is the Starting Point. The conversation is missing from the world of financial advising. So says Michael Begin, president of Lifestyle Freedom in Milford, Conn.

“Markets are going to go up, and markets are going to go down. You have to expect that to happen – and you have to take advantage of it.” That’s Steve Selengut’s take on volatility.

to Discover the Secrets of America’s True Wealth Managers. How the great recession, retirement concerns, and the new normal are driving change in the delivery of wealth management

Many investors are wary of the stock market because downward corrections. Nevertheless, over the long term, most experts consider stocks a necessary part of a good portfolio.

For the veteran financial advisor, Eric L. Scott, who received the 2015 Advisor of the Year award from Retirement Advisor Magazine, says the 2008 crisis caused little turbulence.  Scott said that

Form Basis for Spreading Risk Thin.  The strength of the client/advisor relationship continues to be a driving factor in client retention as markets endure volatility and investors seek safe havens

The Human Side of Wealth Management. With the rapid rise in online tools, people have a wide range of options for managing their finances.

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