Many advisors stretch the meaning of “Fiduciary,” but not George Foley. For George Foley, chief investment officer of Dillon Capital Management, being a fiduciary leaves no room for equivocation.

Many investors fail to take inflation into account. That’s not surprising, given that inflation has remained stable since 1980, and the 1970s “stagflation” era—which saw inflation rates climb higher than 12 percent for a brief time in 1979—is a distant memory.

Sage Wisdom Saves His Clients Money. After years of playing in the major leagues, he traded his catcher’s mitt and Louisville Slugger for an accounting career and eventually learned

Poll Shows 41% of Unemployed in New York Are Giving Up on Finding Work, Up From 2016. 49% Blame Themselves for Their Unemployment. Half Have Not Had an Interview in the Past Month; 45% Report Being Unemployed for More Than Two Years

If not, neither one of you are stepping up. Financial advisors may have thorough industry knowledge, but if they don’t have a full and complete understanding of you, your motives

Helping working people save and invest for the future. A financially free and stable future doesn’t require the psychic ability to divine the market’s next dip or growth spurt.

Bills are just as certain in life as death and taxes, and no matter how you live, there will surely be monthly expenses — even Survivorman has to come home to pay the mortgage.

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