Pulling Diamonds from the Rough

Ivor Perry is the man behind the drilling products that bring precious metals from the mines in Canada and beyond.

Canadian-based Dimatec Incorporated is an award-winning business that supplies diamond drilling tools and machine parts throughout North America and beyond.  Founded in 1988 by Ivor Perry, Dimatec has set the standard for quality products, services, and commitment to customer satisfaction in the drilling industry.

Since the inception, Perry has ensured Dimatec stayed on the cutting edge for innovative drilling technology.  Geotechnical surveyors, mining companies and mineral exploration professionals rely on Dimatec to manufacture quality, metal bond diamond tools and “in the hole” precision drilling parts for the oil and gas industry.

Dimatec prides itself on manufacturing customized equipment designed according to customer-defined specifications in addition to industry standard products.  In this way, they can meet the needs for even the most challenging geographic conditions and unique exploration circumstances a client may encounter.

Because mineral exploration requires drilling through a variety of rock types, Dimatec offers a range of products to handle almost any rock type.  Their drilling products include core bits, reaming and stabilizing equipment, and casing and rod shoes.  Drilling products are available using impregnated synthetic diamond, surface-set natural diamond, and polycrystalline diamond tungsten-carbide.
In addition to drilling equipment, Dimatec manufactures a complete line of precision machining products, using machining centers, lathes, milling machines, cylindrical grinders, electrical discharge machining (EDM), and hard metal deposition equipment.

Perry built Dimatec on the premise of innovation and specialization.  By using computer aided manufacturing systems, their machining facility has the capacity to produce custom-made parts.  However, the safety and quality are never compromised.  Every Product complies with the ISO International Organization for Standardization requirements for quality management systems.

As a member of the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association (CDDA) and the Industrial Diamond Association (IDA), Perry continues to demonstrate his vision for keeping Dimatec at the forefront of drilling technology.

Perry’s commitment to the industry, his ongoing research efforts, and his client-focused business model, which includes not only collaborating with clients to develop new equipment but also ongoing technical product support, has garnered Dimatec several honors.  The most noteworthy awards include the Best Business Award from the Canadian Institute of Management (2008), the Outstanding Quality Award from Halliburton (2007), recognition as a Regional Finalist for Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies (1997), and receipt of the Best in Business Award from ‘Manitoba Business Magazine’ (1997).

Perry is proud to keep Dimatec 100-percent owned and operated from his native Canada; however, he has developed a strong global network to make their drilling and machining technologies accessible throughout the world. In addition to their headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Dimatec products are currently available through authorized distributors in the United States, Spain, Russia, Portugal, New Zealand and Australia, as well as Quebec and British Columbia.




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