Corporate Finance and Middle-Market Companies, Post-Credit Crisis

Madison Street Capital, headquartered in Chicago, is an international investment banking firm providing corporate financial advisory services, merger and acquisition (M&A) expertise, restructuring, financial opinions, and valuation services to publicly and privately held businesses. The firm’s senior professional focus on middle-market companies that have revenues ranging from $10 to $250 million dollars, bringing to bear all the industry expertise, exclusive capital relationships, and local perspectives of Madison’s bankers across their offices in North America, Asia, and Africa.

Charles Botchway, CEO of Madison Street, explains that they have specialized expertise in advising middle-market firms in hundreds of industry verticals and niche markets to achieve strategic outcomes by matching and managing unique needs of buyers and sellers.  Madison also facilitates appropriate financing and creates capitalization structures in areas of financial advisory services. Quite simply, Madison Street helps sell or raise capital for companies who don’t necessarily have the fundamental operational resources to execute on their own.

“Our company evolved from a valuation boutique into a diversified financial services company,” says Botchway. “Our objective is to create a client interaction where the client is better off, whether this is from a business development level where we're trying to get a client to engage us, or whether we’re already engaged. Always, our main objective is to give the best advice possible. We have that philosophy with every client or prospect we deal with.”

The general malaise of the current lending and banking environment has affected the middle-market in particular.  But for Madison Street, that has created opportunities. “A big part of our business is raising capital for our clients. When the credit crisis hit, traditional lenders (ie banks) were strapped for capital and they became very restrictive with their underwriting standards. This impacted the economy negatively while creating an underserved segment in the market,” says Botchway. “As traditional capital sources dried up, Madison Street was able to leverage their relationships with alternative sources of capital to get deals done.  Also, given the diversification in our business model, the credit crisis and certain industry scandals like Madoff triggered an increase in our valuation business, as auditors and investors demanded more accurate and transparent reporting of complex and hard-to-value securities.”

For 2012, Madison Street Capital looks to continue their success and help their clients to meet their objectives. They want to post even better results than last year and allow their clients to do the same. “We are proud that our business model is unique, and we want to continue to provide solutions to our clients while maintaining our projected growth,” says Botchway.

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