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Clients’ Financial Success – It Goes Beyond the Investment Component

Improper financial and estate planning may have a negative impact on your future. In an example from the TV series “The Sopranos,” Tony Soprano, played by character James Gandolfini, lost $30 million of his $70 million net worth because of poor estate planning. Proper estate planning is vital to ensure tax efficient transfer of assets and wealth to the individuals and causes you care about most.

“Bad estate planning breaks up families. It’s not only a significant financial cost, it’s a cost to the family unit. We don’t want that to happen,” said Donald Hoffman, President of The Prosperity Consulting Group, LLC.

“People are people and they have financial goals and objectives. They may want to transfer wealth to family members or charities while reducing their tax burden and protecting their beneficiaries. It’s our job to truly get into their minds and find out what type of planning they want, what type of inter-generational planning they want. We uncover those issues and explain to them why they’re important to address,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman, a CPA with a Master of Science degree in taxation, has over 36 years of experience and he specializes in wealth management, estate planning and tax planning. He is a financial advisor, accountant and business consultant.

In addition to investment planning, The Prosperity Consulting Group performs a number of services such as estate planning, income protection, retirement planning, education planning, business planning, and insurance planning. What makes this company truly unique is that they typically charge only for their investment management services. “We really believe that, even though most advisors charge for many of these holistic planning services outside of investment advisory, we do not charge separately for those services because they are so important,” Hoffman explained.
“I think the most important aspect of our business is that when people come to our organization as clients, we are truly focused on being there to help them in every stage of their lives – and clients truly appreciate that,” he said.

Hoffman told The Suit, “We think it is a wonderful process that distinguishes us in many ways. And also, it is a message that we’re trying to get out to other advisors – that there are a lot of services your client needs beyond the investment component.”

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