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Tremendous leaps have been made lately in promoting environmental consciousness. With companies, governments, scientists and spokespersons developing more eco-friendly products and taking greener initiatives, huge advancements are taking place to secure and protect the environment.

One leader in this movement is Javier Colayco with his invention of Clean Cubes™, a groovy new approach to trash disposal and recycling.  Colayco is positively impacting our world by transforming the way everyday citizens dispose of trash.

Clean Cubes are easy-to-assemble, disposable trash and recycling receptacles. Each cube is a leak-resistant bag enclosed by a cube-like shell, hence the product name. Made from 100% biodegradable components, they are popular for homeowners and for everyday outdoor use like picnics, camping, boating, parties and more. The cube is itself is also biodegradable.

Colayco invented Clean Cubes in the kitchen of his home after becoming frustrated with the constant trash overflow after frequent entertaining. He and his wife Thuy Minh didn’t quite know how to efficiently store all the leftover recycling and garbage until it could be removed, so Colayco invented an innovative, eco-friendly product that would do both jobs. After the 10-gallon Clean Cube is full, just tie up the bag and dispose of the entire product.

“Clean Cubes are great for whenever trash builds up quickly, like at parties or events,” said Colayco.

They are popular for camping trips and other outings where trash disposal can be a burden, and are also quite helpful for regular use at home or in the office.
Colayco’s Clean Cube is quickly gaining popularity and worldwide recognition. Winner of a 2012 International Home and Housewares Association Innovation Award for Home

Organization & Storage, Clean Cubes is the latest exciting product to help us protect our environment. 

Clean Cubes are available on Amazon, where they have numerous five-star reviews, for $8.95 per three-pack.

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