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Hair has been an important commodity for Veronica Forbes.  Earning her credibility in the hair business, Forbes was suddenly thrust into the limelight, when Chris Rock gave her a key role as a true-to-life hairdresser in the film “Good Hair.” She knocked it out of the park. But Forbes said, “the movie explores the relationship young African-American girls have with their hair.”  She claims “it’s no secret that many African-American women struggle to tame their tresses.” The newfound actress gets pleasure from all media attention she has received over the movie. 

Certainly, business has picked up at Veronica’s Beautyrama, a salon based in Harlem, New York City.  She takes a philosophical position about her work. “The reason we have put so much time and love into our hair is because our hair texture is different. It’s all about texture,” she comments reflecting on the high celebrity wave she experienced over the last eight months.  “I love to do acting. I love to do hair,” she said, her voice dipping slightly. “I’ve enjoyed the ride. I have over thirty-years of experience.”

School has always been important to her. Forbes has earned her sheep skin and graduated from a prominent (name) beauty school in New York where she currently manages one of the most lucrative, and yet, award-winning hair design businesses in the country. She has business savvy and a solid reputation. That’s how she launched Beautyrama more than three decades ago. “I could have done without Lillian Forbes,” she said. “She gave me the seed money to start this business.” Forbes has gained the respect of her peers as a strong business woman in the community. She said she has competed in several shows, such as the Bronner Brothers World Fantasy Competition in 1993 and 1997. She later won the International Beauty Show as the first African-American to win the 1st place and 2nd place in a hair fantasy competition in London, England in 2001.

Forbes admits that business is thriving during a difficult economic crunch, but remains humble and yet ambitious. “I’ve done television interviews and have been photographed for many newspapers and magazines,” Forbes said with the honest of a real ham. “And that’s including Life Magazine.” She was also featured in the stunning book: “Queens: Portraits of Black Women and Their Fabulous Hair,” by Michael Cunningham. Some things change, but for Veronica Forbes' “Beautyrama” will remain in the Harlem.  “I love it here,” she said before hanging up the phone after a lengthy interview with the Suit Magazine. “New York is home.”

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