It has been more than a year plus since the body of an American turned Israeli soldier was found in a ditch in central Israel with his military-issued rifle lying at his side. David Menachem Gordon,

After 30 years as a private eye, actor and ex-detective Bo Dietl still handles the most bizarre cases. Rao’s Restaurant sits deep in the heart of Harlem – a hangout known for wealthy

While some people resist change, Susie Gharib runs toward it with open arms. As a business and financial news journalist for over 30 years, her longevity with prestigious media companies is

Marcus Lemonis grew up knowing that his parents adopted him when he was 9-monhs old. Leo and Sophia Lemonis, a Greek couple living in Miami, Florida were open and honest with their

The everyday lives of the women of Costra Nostra, the American Sicilian mafia, are taking the media spotlight via the popular reality television show, “Mob Wives”

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