Ambition is the Game Changer

He’s a life coach, a TV host, keynote speaker, author and a spokesperson for an international charity, but the role that always has first priority is that of father. “I have two amazing children that my world absolutely revolves around – and everything that I do is for them,” said Todd Newton, President and CEO of Todd Newton Life Strategies.

In 2012, Newton won a Daytime Emmy Award as Outstanding Game Show Host for his work on “Family Game Night,” airing on the HUB Network. Such recognition is a pinnacle in any entertainer’s career, but for a guy who wanted to be on television since he was 11 years old, this award was, well – sweet. Usually when he’s at the microphone, Newton is awarding contestants cash and prizes($35 million worth over the years) as the host of popular game shows including “Whammy,” “Instant Millionaire,” and “Hollywood Showdown” aired on HUB and GSN. Newton is also emcee for the live stage version of the iconic game show, called “The Price Is Right Live!” that is touring the United States. Many people also recognize him from his decade-long gig as a red carpet celebrity interviewer and host at E! Entertainment Television.

So, how did Newton become one of the most sought-after speakers on college and corporate circuits? The answer is rooted in his own outlook on life. A certified coach, Newton has always believed in lifelong personal development. Under the tutelage of his father, who was a baseball and basketball coach, he was drawn to philosophies for success and achievement at an early age. When he came into his own, he parlayed these sports analogies into achieving his goal of working in the entertainment industry. As Newton’s career grew and his popularity increased through his work at E!, he began to receive invitations to speak in front of large groups of people. Newton found that when he shared his life philosophies, audiences loved it – and so did he. Today, his dynamic presentations, including “I Want, I Will, I Win!” and “The Choice is Yours,” for clients such as Verizon, Bank of America, the Promotional Marketing Association and the Boys & Girls Club of America, inspires tens of thousands of people around the globe to “live their best lives imaginable.”

Newton calls his coaching certification education at Coach Training Alliance in Colorado “invaluable.” He took on the program like he takes on most life initiatives – with an upbeat, all-in, assertive approach. Pacing himself to stay a few units ahead of the class throughout the course, by graduation, Newton already had clients lined up. These were the people he worked with in the entertainment industry, including artists, musicians, actors and sports professionals. Soon he was working with select clients from all walks of life. “Lasting results can be achieved when you learn to look within, love yourself above all else and develop new thought patterns to overcome life’s challenges,” said Newton, explaining his fundamental belief.

“Speaking in front of tens of thousands of leaders and achievers all around the world every year never gets old. No two engagements are the same, no two clients are the same, so it’s always fresh and exciting for me,” said Newton. “What has always separated the good from the greats, or the flashes in the pan from the legends that we all read about and know by name, has been ambition. Ambition is what pushes you past the breaking point. It’s what makes you hang on a little longer than your competitor. It’s what makes you take risks that your competitors won’t take,” he said. “And this is where realistic goal-setting and shifting our perspective needs to be incorporated into coaching or a speaking event, helping people knock down the obstacles we all see, but sometimes choose to go over or around.”

One morning, Newton had a speaking engagement in Las Vegas, hopped on a plane for another speaking commitment that afternoon in San Diego and then flew back to Vegas for his final speaking gig that night. That’s when his assistant dubbed him, “America’s Life Coach”— – and the name stuck. He travels about 225 days per year, making use of the time on airplanes and in hotel rooms to write. Last year, he authored his first book “Life in the Bonus Round: A Game Show Host’s Road to Success and Fulfillment,” and this year, he released “The Choice is Yours.” Both are available on Amazon and, his third book is currently in development. “It’s a manual for the public speaking industry – the bible for keynote speaking and presentations. I’m collaborating with a lot of great speakers and coaches on this project,” said Newton. He devotes an entire chapter to giving back and being a productive member of society by contributing time, effort and money to charities with a personal meaning to the giver.

He practices what he preaches, too. Newton is the national spokesperson for Soles4Souls, an organization that collects and distributes shoes to those in need all over the world. He goes beyond standing in front of a television camera asking others to donate – he is actively and emotionally involved. At the end of the summer, he’s planning yet another trip to Haiti. “I’m particularly drawn to the beautiful kids of Haiti, many of whom have never owned a pair of shoes. Now they can run without rocks stabbing the little soles of their feet. We’re preventing infection, disease and giving them self-confidence and pride. We’re just letting them be kids,” explained Newton. “There’s a selfish aspect to that. I’m not ashamed to admit it. It makes me feel really good – and that warm feeling inside keeps me going,” he said.

Newton donates a portion of the proceeds from his book sales to the organization as well. And, his popular keynote presentation, “I Want, I Will, I Win!” was written in Haiti. “It is derived from interviews with three amazing people who demonstrated incredible willpower, desire and staying power in an effort to be their very best. These stories are powerful, inspirational displays of the human spirit.”

In addition to completing his latest book, touring with “The Price Is Right Live!” and shooting the fourth season of “Family Game Night,” Newton has two new television projects in the works. “It’s a busy year,” he affirmed, “but it’s a beautiful year.”

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