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I was a little skeptical at first when agreeing to be interviewed by Advisors Magazine.  My concern of being misquoted and/or taken out of context was immediately relieved when I read the first proof of my article.  It was without a doubt, some of the highest quality writing I’ve seen and very fitting to how I view my company’s mission.  They took my words and created a story that I’m proud to disseminate to my clients and through my social media outlets.  They gave me a chance to provide edits…but it didn’t really need any, just a minor change from “Former U.S. Marine” to “U.S. Marine Veteran”…a common error by non-Marines.  I can’t find any reason why doing this interview wasn’t a good idea.  Kudos to the editorial and creative staff.  Rest easy tonight, because you did right by this Marine.  

Justin M. Follmer, MBA
Gentleman & Wealth Advisor
Direct:  (843) 870-9568(843) 870-9568

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