Deepfakes—not Just for Politics Anymore—Infiltrating Businesses at an Alarming Rate

Cyberspace is a big place and potentially much of it can be a fake place. In North America alone, there are approximately 1.3 million ecommerce sites. (1) This means that billions of dollars are exchanged daily with zero human contact. Reality has become a world of digits and computer dots on a screen—digits that can be artificially manipulated to present “realities” that aren’t real, otherwise known as deepfakes. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines deepfake as “an image or recording that has been convincingly altered and manipulated to misrepresent someone as doing or saying something that was not actually done or said.” Deepfakes and what to do about them will be the subject of the next news conference by Anti-PR agency JOTO PR Disruptors in their “Top COVID-19 Summit Quarantined Press Conference—Pivot Series.” The panel will be comprised by experts from Technologent, Inc., a global provider of Edge-to-Edge(TM) Information Technology Solutions and Services.

With deepfake technology available to everyday criminals, the chance of fraud, deception and manipulation with video and audio presentations is staggering. The key word is fake. This not only poses a threat to social media, corporations, and cybersecurity but to anyone who does business electronically. “With digital technology being the ‘new normal’ the door has opened far and wide for potential fraud,” says Karla Jo Helms, CEO OF JOTO PR Disruptors. “This is especially true during and post COVID-19. Remote virtual workforces exacerbate the problem as human face-to-face interaction is slowly becoming extinct.”

Deepfakes are most often videos or audio created with AI, deep learning, and machine learning technology. In addition to monetary loss, harm of reputation is a major problem. “Reputation is business currency. Without a glowing reputation you cannot compete, sell or hire. It is estimated that 20% of the value of your business is based on goodwill in other words, your reputation. When your reputation is damaged, you are in essence putting 1/5th of your revenues at risk,” says Helms.

While artificial intelligence (AI) generally holds great promise, deepfakes are continually evolving and require a novel and agile approach to stop them. “That’s why companies must have an IT partner capable of implementing a plan that includes a mix of current and emerging technologies that can adapt to combat a growing deepfakes threat landscape,” says Technologent Global Chief Technology Officer Marivi Stuchinsky.

Key Topics to Be Covered at the Top COVID-19 Summit Quarantined Press ConferencePivot Series will include:

  • How big the threat of deepfakes is for most businesses, with true examples of deepfake attacks on businesses and how they could have been prevented.
  • What to do when information is compromised.
  • What can be done to ensure the validity of the sources.
  • How fakers were able to swindle $50k from a client through email manipulation.
  • What industries are most prone—and are going to be more prone in the future—to deepfake attacks.
  • How to spot and be on the lookout for email fakes.
  • How Normalcy Bias is used to manipulate and create voices that sound like people you know or work with.
  • Why banks, insurance companies, the mortgage industry do not use the individual oversight that we would normally expect.
  • Bogus invoice schemes and how customers have fallen for deepfake attacks.
  • How criminals use a sense of urgency in an area to generate a fake.
  • How to use multi-factor authentication on multi channels and multiple verifications to spot fakes and authenticate truth of transactions.
  • How to enact user awareness deepfake training within your company.

The next JOTO PR Disruptors’ “Top COVID-19 Summit Quarantined Press Conference—The Pivot Series” will take place on Thursday, October 29, at 2 p.m. To register for the press conference, click here or visit

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About JOTO PR Disruptors
After doing marketing research on a cross-section majority of 5,000 CEOs of fast-growth trajectory companies and finding out exactly how they used PR, how they measure it, and how they wanted the PR industry to be different, PR veteran and innovator Karla Jo Helms created JoTo PR and established its entire business model on those research findings. Astute in recognizing industry changes since its launch in 2009, JoTo PR’s team utilizes newly established patterns to create timely PR campaigns comprising both traditional and the latest proven media methods. This unique skill enables them to continue to increase the market share and improve return on investment (ROI) for their clients, year after year—beating usual industry standards. Based in Tampa Bay, Florida, JoTo PR is an established international public relations agency. Today, all processes of JoTo are streamlined PR services that have become the hallmark of the JoTo PR name. For more information, visit JoTo PR online at

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Technologent is a Global Provider of Edge-to-Edge(TM) Information Technology Solutions and Services for Fortune 1000 companies. They help companies outpace the new digital economy by creating IT environments that are fast, flexible, efficient, transparent, and secure. Without these characteristics, companies will miss the opportunity to optimally scale. Technologent mobilizes the power of technology to turn vision into reality, enabling a focus on driving innovation, increasing productivity, and outperforming the market. Visit

1 “How Many e-Commerce Companies Are There?: PipeCandy.” Insights on the Global ECommerce & DTC Businesses, 10 Mar. 2020.
2 Leonard Rosenthal “The Content Authenticity Initiative: Setting the Standard for Digital Content Attribution,” CAI, August 2020.

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