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Authentic Approach Wins the Game


Forget the standard financial advisor image featuring the guy wearing the perfect suit with the perfect hair walking stoically across a marble-floored lobby to present a client with a stiff handshake.

That isn’t how Matt Logan rolls.

As president of his own firm – Matt Logan, Inc. – based in Greensboro, N.C., Logan believes he and his clients are better off when he, as an advisor, is who he is: a regular guy.

“Clients are looking for an advisor that speaks their language and is here to help,” Logan said. “In an industry that can still be seen as boring, I approach my job by being myself and having fun and clients respond to that. It is a neat opportunity.”

Logan believes in developing strong client relationships. He takes his time getting to know new clients – their current situation, their dreams, their goals. Client education – Financial 101 as he calls it – is a major part of developing that relationship. It is how Logan ensures that he and the client are on the same page when talking about and planning for how to best manage the client’s financial future.

“We talk about their relationship with money and how that changes over time,” he said, noting that the uncomfortable conversations regarding longevity and long-term care people often attempt to avoid are the essential ones he steers clients toward.

Long-range planning is his focus. He isn’t looking for the quick fix. He wants to provide clients with plans with long-term stability as the measure.

He points out that even Barry Bonds – one of professional baseball’s homerun kings – also has a rather high strike-out percentage. Yet, Bonds’ overall career remains an example that young hitters want to emulate.

Not every investment is a hit out of the park. But with a consistent stream of base hits, doubles and triples, an investor wins the game.

“Every client has a different risk tolerance and a different time horizon for accomplishing his or her goals,” Logan said. “That is why the long-term approach customizing for each of those specific parameters is always the best approach.”

Learn more about Matt Logan, Inc. online at www.mattloganinc.com

Matt Logan Inc. is an independent firm with securities offered through Summit Brokerage Services, Inc. Member FINRA & SIPC, and advisory services offered through Summit Financial Group, Inc., a Registered Investment Adviser. 3824 North Elm St. Ste. 101 Greensboro, NC 27455 336-540-9700


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