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Boutique investment firms have outpaced benchmark indices, according to “The typical boutique investment strategy has outperformed its benchmark index in all 11 equity product categories annually by 135 basis points (bps),” notes the leading source for online financial content.

Timothy Charles Financial LLC of Lynnfield, Massachusetts, is one such practice — a small, independent investment advisory boutique founded by Tim Mortellite, president and CEO, who’s also a registered financial consultant (RFC) and an accredited investment fiduciary (AIF).

“We break down the entire financial planning process into four pieces of a pie,” Mortellite told Advisors Magazine in a recent interview. “Retirement income planning, investment management, estate planning and asset management.”

His wife Tanya Mortellite is also part of the firm. “Clients come and visit us like family. They like the fact that we are a family-oriented business. We talk about much more than business. We try to go above and beyond for everyone.”

Now in the financial services industry for just over 25 years, Mortellite began his career on the insurance side of the industry, specializing in estate planning and asset protection. After several years with a financial planning firm where he received his licensing and certifications, he further honed his talents for investing and comprehensive financial planning.

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Mortellite founded Timothy Charles Financial (TCF) in 2006. “TCF is a fiduciary firm, a big part of our practice is managing money. Our custodian is Charles Schwab.” Mortellite is a member of the Financial Services Institute, the Financial Planning Association, and is also a 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2019 Five Star Wealth Manager, as rated by Boston Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. The firm offers a complimentary meeting to potential clients.

“We will sit down with anyone for a complimentary meeting,” he said. “I’ll see if we can guide them in the right direction. A minimum investment is not required.”

He notes, nonetheless, that it must be a good, mutual fit. And that generally comes into focus as he takes clients through his financial planning process. “Our financial planning goal is to educate clients along the way. Most importantly to find out where they are today, and their future goals and desires. Then we put together the map to get there.”

“Educated clients are the best clients,” he added, “But there is so much information out there today—it’s a 24-hour newsfeed with a lot of talking heads on the radio and TV—that people will come in overwhelmed.” “Investing should be kept simple, with simple ideas and strategies.”

Mortellite emphasizes that his financial planning process tends to calm and clarify things because he’s able to educate clients along the way.

A silver lining of the pandemic, in fact, has been that the bonds with clients have grown even stronger. “We were always a firm that met with clients face to face a few times a year, and we have always had very strong bonds. I think the whole pandemic was a way to get closer to clients,” Mortellite said. “It changed the way we communicate with clients.”

“But when the pandemic happened, we found other ways to reach out and just let clients know we were there for them,” Mortellite noted. “It was a good way for us to keep in touch; and for the few clients that we weren’t really close with, we were able to form better relationships.”

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