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Retire Healthy, Retire Happy

Many people approach retirement by considering savings, stocks, 401(k) plans, and other financial tools. They often, however, forget to throw a crucial element into that asset mix: their health.

“When we start looking at health care, it’s a big part of what your retirement is going to be paying for,” said Jacob Millican, owner and member of 9M Investments, LLC. “One of the best ways to prepare is to ask, ‘How do I stay healthy so I don’t have those expenses in the first place?’”

9M Investments, based in Grapevine, TX., provides retirement planning, investment management, 401(k) account management, and other services. The firm does not maintain a minimum to invest and works on a fee-only basis. 9M Investments also is a fiduciary, meaning clients’ interests come first, always.

Millican, an avid runner of everything from 5k road races to half-marathons, often talks health with clients, and 9M Investments holds “4.01k” races and other events. Keeping tabs on clients’ health, without prying, allows Millican to highlight the burden of health care costs in what should be a person’s relaxing, fulfilling golden years.

millican500x667“Chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke, and obesity are the most common and most costly. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Fortunately these are all diseases that can be limited if not eliminated by diet and exercise.” Millican said during a recent interview with “Advisors Magazine.”

A healthier retirement also could mean longer independence before moving into a long-term care facility or community. And that benefits not just retirees, but families as well, who can be strained by caregiving needs – and whose own savings and retirement plans can be derailed by the overwhelming long-term care costs needed by aging relatives.

A “Forbes” 2013 report estimated that 60 million families are caring for an aging or disabled person at home. Moreover, the caregiving responsibilities often fall on women – 80 to 90 percent of caregivers, according to the report – who can see their careers curtailed and retirement plans stalled. A third of women surveyed said they had difficulties at work due to conflicts with their caregiving responsibilities.

“This issue affects women more than men,” Millican said.

Millican works to break down barriers with clients by avoiding tricky financial jargon and complex industry concepts, instead favoring a straightforward explanation that tells clients what they are paying for. He started 9M Investments to assist clients who are ready for professional advice and want to engage in the process. The reason the firm does not require a minimum investment is because Millican wants to serve as a resource to anyone who needs financial guidance during the frequent, and sometimes unexpected, changes that life can bring.

“I’m willing to help the person that’s willing to get help,” he said, adding that some of his clients may be “just starting out,” while others hold millions in assets.

Millican realized early on in his career that many people fail to prepare for retirement, but for those who are ready, he’s there to help.

“I was doing one-on-one meetings with 401k participants … you realize very quickly how many people are struggling in retirement,” he said.

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