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Dual approach to financial planning

In a volatile financial world where market crashes and scandals linger in the minds of investors, and the push toward greater fee transparency has industry watchdogs howling, perhaps the in-fighting regarding commission versus fee-only is only further detracting from appropriately serving clients.

So believes Brian Skrobonja, founder and president of Skrobonja Financial Group, LLC based in Arnold, Missouri, just outside of St. Louis.

“My strong opinion is that in order to do what is best for the client, an advisor has to be able to offer the most suitable program available for their needs,” Skrobonja said. “Sometimes that is a managed account, or sometimes it is an annuity, or sometimes it’s hybrid life insurance. But in most cases, it is a combination of those things, and doing what is best for the client simply is not based on how we get paid, but is based on what we can do for the client.”

Skrobonja Financial Group offers clients both fee-only and commission-based investment options, a business model that provides Skrobonja with the opportunity to select from the best of both worlds to meet the needs of his clients.

“My belief is that if an advisor is limited in what can be offered to clients, then that advisor really is not acting in a fiduciary capacity,” Skrobonja said. “If you are only managing money, then you are no different than someone that is just offering product. If you are only offering product, then you are no different than someone who is only managing money.”

The “how” of compensation is the wrong conversation, he said, and instead, he would like to see the financial services industry focus on providing clients with a full array of choices to meet their needs.

skrobonja300x600“At the end of the day, if you as an advisor are solely focused on the needs of your clients and finding solutions to those needs, then the right products and money management are going to come to the surface and those will be the things you offer the clients,” said Skrobonja.

His dual approach may not be the industry’s favorite at this juncture, but for the past 25 years it has served Skrobonja well. His blogs, books and podcasts have a loyal following and he is regularly interviewed on St. Louis radio stations and featured in area newspapers.

Skrobonja’s son, Tyler, recently joined the family firm as part of a succession plan to ensure that Skrobonja Financial Group clients continue to receive top-notch advice.

“We are a full service financial planning group,” he said. “Our goal is to help clients gain more control over their personal economy so that funds are available when they need it throughout their lifetime.”

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