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Life Changes Require Trusted Advisors

They are shell-shocked and vulnerable and in some cases, they have a considerable amount of assets and no idea what to do,” said Lloyd D Lowe Sr, MBA, RFC, LACP, the chief investment advisor of LD Lowe Wealth Advisory. “The work we do is critical in helping individuals get to a point where they can make their own decisions.”

LD Lowe Wealth Advisory is a Dallas-based firm that provides wealth management, financial planning, investment planning, estate services and more to clients. LD Lowe Wealth Advisory is a comprehensive wealth management firm with an expertise in divorce financial planning.

The divorce rate might not be making headlines like it did in the 1980s and 1990s, but nationally it’s still quite high—about 50 percent of all marriages eventually end that way. Divorce is often confusing and complicated to work through for the individuals caught in one.

A life-altering event requires steady financial planning. LD Lowe Wealth Advisory acts as a fiduciary—meaning client needs come before commissions or advisors’ fees—and works with clients to provide honest, tailored assistance that is easy to understand. Breaking down complex financial concepts so that clients can understand them matters to Lowe. The amount of financial information available to consumers via media, the internet, automated investing platforms, and more can be similar to “drinking from a fire hydrant,” Lowe said.

“We’re not going to move forward until the client understands where he or she is going and what the destination is,” he said.

Often, acting as a fiduciary means breaking bad news to clients and encouraging behavioral changes so those clients can reach their financial goals.

“If a client can’t fund enough money to handle the average cost of retirement, I shouldn’t be advising them to retire,” Lowe said. “For example, many people retire without considering the effects of paying for long-term care, and how that cripples their ability to pay for retirement. Consideration must be made for this issue, even if it ends with us telling a client, ‘You need to work another three years.’”

Would-be retirees often need this advice – especially as lifespans increase – requiring retirement funds to be stretched over 20 or even 30 years. Long-term care insurance continues to rapidly rise in price as well, providing many retirees with precious little “slack” in their retirement accounts.

Clients hoping to reach their financial goals, recover from a difficult divorce, or retire comfortably should also keep in mind that partnering with a financial advisor is a big decision – one that should be made carefully, Lowe said.

“What a client should be looking for, and what I want a client to ask from me is, what my training, my tenure, and my track record looks like,” he said. “Those three things provide clients with clarity, substance and distance to decide on who their advisor should be.”

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