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Letting the Client Drive Decisions

Rodney Rollins and his team at NorCal Financial Group always take the time to answer client questions and ensure they have the knowledge to make good investment decisions

With a Dow average around 25,000 it would be easy for investors to be relaxed about their investments. Yet working with an advisor to understand nuances and goals can help through times that might not be as good as they are now.

Such was the case with Rodney R. Rollins. In 1992, Rollins had to cope with the premature loss of his 46-year-old father. Rollins and his mother were not only grieving the loss, but they were counting on the advice of a financial planner who ultimately steered her in the wrong direction regarding her inheritance and retirement savings.

“That really gave me the drive to want to do the right thing for clients, said Rollins, CEO of the Chico, California-based NorCal Financial Group. “I feel like every time I’m sitting across the table from clients, I’m looking at my mom and I try and do the best I possibly can.”

Over the years, Rollins said he worked as an IT manager in the financial services industry, eventually got licensed as an advisor in 1999 and decided to start his own firm, which he opened in 2007.

Trust is an important part of Rollins’ investing philosophy. He looks for clients that can put their faith in his decisions and do the right thing when the market dictates it.
“I love doing it fee-based because then there are no questions about, ‘Am I doing it for commissions, or am I just trying to get paid more?’”

Rollins and the team at NorCal Financial Group are sure to take as much time as needed to educate clients. Not everyone is at the same level of knowledge, so each client is interviewed at length and is encouraged to stay in touch by phone or email to ask any and all questions necessary.

And just as it is important to educate clients about choices to make, Rollins said it is equally important to help clients not make decisions they may later regret.

“When the market goes down, having a financial advisor to tell you not to sell those funds is key… you have to have that human element – that person sitting across the desk.”

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