Second Opinions Make Financial Sense

Getting a second opinion when buying a car or hearing a cancer diagnosis from a medical professional is common place. But people often don’t get second opinions when it comes to their lifetime financial planning.

That is where Charles P. “Chuck” Jones, founder and owner of Chuck Jones & Associates, Inc., based in Portland, Ore. and Second Opinion, enters the picture.

Jones worked with 89 families at his retirement. When he sold his career-long financial advising practice and entered semi-retirement, he saw a need for an hourly-based service through which investments and other financial transactions could be evaluated in a non-bias environment based solely on how well these proposals aligned with the financial goals of the client.
Despite industry thoughts to the contrary, Jones’ newest enterprise is a success.

Turns out potential investors do indeed want the reassurance of a second opinion that isn’t making a fat commission from their pending decision.
They seek the fiduciary experience when soliciting a second opinion.

“I had a guy in here the other day who said he had been looking for somebody who was not trying to sell him anything that would offer a second opinion on what he was considering,” Jones said. “He told me there really wasn’t anyone out there doing this and he encouraged me to keep this service going.”

That is exactly what Jones intends to do.

He has a laundry list of examples for which a second opinion gives potential investors a clearer look at what they are putting their money in to.

One includes a Second Opinion client who insisted he never paid fees on his investment transactions. He thought this because the fee was so well hidden amongst the gabble-de-gook legalese imbedded in the fine print.

When Jones took a look, he discovered the client had paid anywhere from 2.5 to 13 percent on various transactions.

“This is why having a service such as Second Opinion makes so much sense,” Jones said. “I think transparency is good so that people can see what it is costing them in their investment choices so that they can evaluate if it is worthwhile to keep using that.”

Learn more about Charles P. “Chuck” Jones and Second Opinion online at and

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