Empowering Women Through Education

Pamela Plick saw the need to educate women about financial planning and turned it into a career

A recent survey from Mercer Consulting called “Inside Employees’ Minds: Women and Wealth,” showed that men and women see financial issues differently. While 62 percent of men feel financially secure, only 41percent of women feel the same. The survey also reported that women tend not to seek financial advice.

Pamela D. Plick, founder and owner of Pamela Plick Wealth Management in Palm Desert, California, explains that she wants to empower women – something she says is a passion of hers.

“I want to help them confidently build financial wisdom and wealth. I do that through financial education, active planning, and customized financial solutions,” Plick said, adding that her ideal clients are women who are financially independent, are “CFOs” of their family, and who want to partner with an advisor to assist with financial goals.

At one time, Plick found herself in a financially insecure situation after going through a divorce. She says she was in a scary place.

“I realized I needed to create a new relationship with money. My son was young and I needed to understand how I could plan for our future, take control of my money, and my life,” she explained.

This undersplick480x480tanding led Plick to study and learn everything she could about wealth management and financial planning. Seeing that other people were in a similar situation, she decided to turn her new knowledge into a career. After leaving a successful career in banking and cutting her teeth at a full-scale brokerage, Plick started her Empowering Women Through Education firm in 2011 to help customize financial planning solutions for clients.

One of her primary missions is education.

“I tell clients that an informed client is a better client, and they may not understand all the ins and outs of all the investments, but they do need to understand the strategies and the ‘whys’ of what we are doing.”

Given that the U.S. population is living longer and spending decades in retirement, Plick advises clients to invest with a longer time horizon in mind, rather than a shorter one. Long-term care is also part of every conversation because it is these types of life events, says Plick, that can derail even the best retirement plan.

Since starting her firm seven years ago, Plick says her greatest success has been finding the courage to set up her own practice. Working for a brokerage, in between her first career and starting her firm, was both a challenge and the push she needed to get started.

“I believe in the financial planning process. I think that’s where it starts, it’s where you’re going to build a portfolio, and you’re just not able to do that in a brokerage firm environment,” said Plick. “Even though the environment was a challenge, it was a wonderful learning experience for me because it gave me the knowledge I needed to manage my financial planning practice.”

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