How a Unifying Vision Helps Entrepreneurs Act with Less Fear and Hesitation

Millions of people have made the decision to be entrepreneurs, and millions more will follow. One thing that many of them have in common is preparing for the unknown. What nobody tells someone who decides to become self-employed is that there are numerous things that will get in the way of your plan and that there will be some people who second-guess what they are doing or simply walk away. The good news is that the fear of the unknown doesn’t have to rule. One business coach is on a mission to help entrepreneurs act with less hesitation, and he’s showing them how do it.

“Fear and hesitation are a reality for all entrepreneurs, but they can become crippling if they are not taken head-on and conquered,” explains Joe Curcillo, author, lawyer, business coach and motivational speaker. “While many people have the dream of being an entrepreneur, they don’t find out until they get started that there are ups and downs, and there is uncertainty. You have a choice. You can let your worries keep you from your dream, or you can choose to let it motivate you.”

In the current months, many people are teaching business owners and entrepreneurs to “pivot and flex.” Curcillo believes, “No matter what the world has thrown at you, you must always move toward your goal, not pivot into new directions.”

Curcillo advocates that once a business owner defines their goal, the hurdles and the uncertainty will become a breeze to navigate beyond. He further says, “A Unifying Vision will allow everyone on your team to be mobilized when they find their own noble purpose in that vision. It will be shared by a team that can overcome all obstacles.”

The clarity of your vision will allow you and your team, vendors and your network to be forward thinking, innovative and empowered. The key is to become fully empowered so that you can realize your potential and move through the fear, so you can reach your vision.

Here are six tips that Curcillo offers for entrepreneurs to help them become fully empowered:

  • Balance the fear you feel against the fear of not taking action. There is fear and risk in not achieving your goal, too.
  • Remind yourself of the reason you chose your path. Everyone has reasons for why they become an entrepreneur in the first place. There may be times when you have to remind yourself of what those reasons are.
  • Find a mentor who can help you through the hesitation. At one time, the mentor likely experienced it as well, and will know how to help you move past it. An experienced guide will lead up the mountain.
  • Don’t worry about years down the road. Rather, keep your vision in sight as you take it one day at a time. It may create more doubt and worry to look at things into the future.
  • Instead, focus on the here and now.
  • Avoid hesitating because of doubt. When you hesitate, you give the fear power and it can become stronger. The more you imagine obstacles, the more powerful your imagination will become.
  • No matter what route you take, choose to be the best you can be. Never lose sight of your vision. Never quit!

“Yes, there is some doubt, due to stress and challenges, when being an entrepreneur,” added Curcillo. “But it’s important to remember the risks you take are what make the outcome worthwhile. Those who succeed at being an entrepreneur become empowered as they conquer each obstacle.”

Curcillo is author of “Getting to Us,” which has quickly become a top-selling book, with thousands of business leaders incorporating the information and using it to help their business grow and achieve goals. The advice that he shares in the book focuses on the importance of using a Unifying Vision to get in the heads of your employees, customers and your entire network

Curcillo spent a career as a trial lawyer and as a performing mentalist. He earned the nickname “The MindShark” as he balanced his careers. He has spent his life being a trial lawyer and student of persuasion, studying how people behave and how they are motivated. Along with being a popular author, he also has a popular TED Talk called “The Mobilizing Power of a Unified Vision.”

Curcillo is a celebrated author of several books, including “Getting to Us,” “What’s Your Freakin’ Point: Maximize the Impact of Every Word You Speak,” and “Don’t be a Hamster: 30 Tips to Spark the Imagination of Busy People.”He has both spoken to and entertained many big companies, including the San Francisco Giants, the Philadelphia Phillies, Merrill Lynch, Mohegan Sun, Re/Max, Amway, and Hershey Park. For more information, visit the site at: Those interested in reading “Getting to Us” can purchase it on Amazon: Getting to Us - Amazon. Or, view all of his books at:

About Joe Curcillo
Celebrated author, business coach, lawyer, mentalist and motivational speaker Joe Curcillo helps companies to thrive by focusing on the idea of having a unifying vision. He has helped countless business leaders to improve their effectiveness by adopting and carrying out the mission. He specializes in helping companies to tap into the power of their millennial employees and bridge the gap between generations. For more information, visit the site at:


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