SmartMetric Introduces Biometric Security Technology for Credit and Debit Cards. Credit card fraud racked up $8 billion in losses for U.S. banks, retailers, and consumers in 2015,

Providing options that help start-up companies provide benefits to employees is their specialty. As the U.S. Department of Labor heads toward enforcement of stricter fiduciary rules concerning

Turbulent economic times, a new or existing partnership, divorce or a property transfer all need to be guided by an experienced appraiser who can determine the appropriate value of your

Business owners must often turn to independent contractors and freelancers for the skills and knowledge they possess. Utilizing the skills of an independent developer isn't that uncommon.

From smartphones to personal devices to high-tech monitors and collaborative tools, technology is surrounding us. And it has been linked to higher productivity levels and employee happiness in

When investors understand the financial marketplace, they know just where they want their assets to be placed and they know exactly when they need to act. With the help of Jill Banner and the

For many years now, technology's finest thinkers have urged everyone — from business owners to high school students — to learn to code, fueled by the sheer number of people with access to

Public perception can make or break a brand. Brand-building is a tricky business. You can’t rush it, but you must always watch it.

6 Tips to a Healthier, Happier, More Rested You. America’s sleep situation is grim. We have a 24/7 society complete with round-the-clock access to technology and erratic work schedules

Refining Your Buyer Persona. According to a consumer marketing study by Edelman Insights, 90 percent of those surveyed across eight different countries want marketers to more effectively

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