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XSolutions: Masters of Geek Speak

Stressing about IT seems a normal state of affairs for businesses without their own colossal computer department. Security, hardware, custom applications and problems with company websites are enough to make many CEOs tear out whatever hair they have left in their head. Enter XSolutions Consulting Services, LLC, a partnership based in New York, who are masters of “geek-speak” but with their feet planted firmly on the ground.

Headed by CEO Joseph Imperato, XSolutions is different from other IT consulting firms: they know business from the inside out. He’s a master of hardware, software and web development using software like Sharepoint, while his partner has a wealth of experience in business systems – analysis, forecasting, budgeting, P&L – and also writes all of the user manuals and documentation. Yes, that elusive thing called documentation is provided, written in human terms, with every custom application.

After recent presentations on disaster recovery, Imperato was interviewed by one radio station and asked to appear as a future guest on another radio show to talk more about the same topic, vital for small business. XSolutions, a longtime user of “the cloud,” also advocates cloud technology for disaster recovery and business continuity.

“With Cloud migration there’s a number of different ways that whole process can go,” explained Imperato. “It can be hybrid, public, private, but probably the biggest challenge we have had is educating our clients as to what the cloud is and what the best way to move into it is.”

Imperato said that IT departments use internal job tickets to manage problems, but his clients can create their own ticket anytime, day or night. He has also set up a knowledgebase that anyone can access, detailing the most popular problems along with solutions. He keeps XSolutions flexible enough to turn on a dime, and their clients rave about the service, using words like “reliable, professional, cost efficient, quality, creative thinking.” They add business acumen along with a human touch to IT.

“The challenge is getting our clients to understand the impact of making a move, while at the same time, considering security, legal, and all that the other (issues) that comes along with an IT decision such as transferring the data from your possession into a cloud data providers’ possession. And some of the ramifications that it might have,” Imperato said. “In some areas, there’s more regulation such as medical, financial and HIPA as well as other regulatory issues. In other cases, it’s more a privacy concern.”

For more information, please visit: www.xsolutions.com

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