Consumers Drive Credit Card Needs

John Gagne’ looks forward to the day when he might find himself walking down the street, weighing his options for that day’s lunch after having passed by a sandwich shop that he checked out on his mobile phone. Within a minute or so, the sandwich shop texts him an enticing message offering a free smoothie should he opt to retrace his steps and purchase lunch at that establishment.

It is software technology that Gagne’ said is envisioned by Frist Data and Ignite Payments as part of a continuing move toward more consumer-driven commerce. Facilitated by mobile phones, consumers will have the option of registering their credit card information online and then storing that data in a virtual wallet on their mobile phones so they can spend money without carrying cash or plastic.

“Consumers want it all,” Gagne’ said of this trend which is quickly gaining its share in the marketplace.

It is part of a broader trend bringing fast-paced changes to the credit card processing industry. Gagne’ has been a significant player in that industry for the past 22 years, operating under the name First Data Independent Sales Atlantic. That name will be switched to Ignite Payments Atlantic in January 2014.

Gagne’ had an unusual start. He owned an exotic pet store but sold it after just a couple of years. In 1985, the man who set up the pet store’s credit card processing then offered Gagne’ a job in that industry. After working with a couple of different companies, in 1992 he connected with Cardservice International, which was purchased by First Data 11 years later.

Since then, Gagne’ has watched the industry change from simply processing a credit card held by the consumer, to the use of digital coupons where the credit card numbers are tied to the online offer, and redemption of the coupon is done at the point of sale. This capability and many like it that help drive and reward customers at the point of sale is facilitated thru a First Data program called  Offerwise and is one of many programs Gagne’s company offers to merchants to help grow their business. 

“Since the consumer drives the market, the merchant who offers online discounts to bring in new customers and rewards to keep them coming back will accomplish two important goals in running a business; Retention and Growth.” 

Gagne’ sums it up by stating, “Anyone can offer a low rate on a merchant account. If we can help a business increase sales and retention, it will have the same effect on my business.”

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