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Careers You Can Pursue in Digital Form

The odds are good that even if you don't work as a freelancer in your free time, that you know someone who does. The internet has made it easier than ever to pick up additional work and earn money from home. If you are constantly hearing your co-workers and friends brag about the extra cash they are bringing home every month from their freelance endeavors and would like to try it yourself, here are some good places to start:


Finding copywriting work can be quite easy, if you know where to look. To begin, you may want to throw a feeler out on LinkedIn or Facebook. Ask your professional associates, friends, and family members if they know any businesses or clients in need of copywriting. Most companies do not have the resources or the need for a full-time writing staff, so there is almost always a demand for freelance writers. If this avenue doesn't yield many opportunities, consider soliciting work yourself on websites like Craigslist or Fiverr, or seek out job listings on sites like Monster.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Twitter are the new advertising channels of the digital age. Yes, Google doesn't have to worry about its revenue stream drying up anytime soon, but Facebook earned $6.2B in Q2 of 2016 alone, the majority of which is from advertising revenue. Businesses in the digital realm are seeking individuals who are knowledgeable in this new discipline. If you possess an understanding of how to market on social channels, leverage these skills. Again, look to LinkedIn, Facebook, Craigslist, and other freelancer sites to build your clientele. Once you find clients, earning extra money from home will become second-nature.

Web Design

If you are well-versed in Adobe's Creative Suite, including Photoshop and Illustrator, and have a knack for graphic design, you will find no shortage of requests for design work online. Sites like 99Designs, Upwork, and LinkedIn make it easy to solicit and compete for freelance positions. Yes, the market is saturated and competitive, but as with many professional disciplines, you can always try to stand out from the crowd in one of two ways: through your skill set or your pricing. If you're better than everyone else, or cheaper than everyone else, you're likely to have luck when it comes to finding work!

Direct Selling & Multi-Level Marketing

Direct sales isn't for everyone. It requires commitment, determination, discipline, and an entrepreneurial spirit. However, for the right person, direct sales and multi-level marketing can provide nearly limitless opportunities for growth and success. Companies like Amway have enabled millions of people around the world to become their own boss, to work from anywhere, and to be the architects of their own success. If you find this line of work appealing, you've likely already made up your mind on your career path; now you just need to act on it.

Online Teaching

Whether you're a woodworking pro or have a Doctorate degree in Greco-Roman history, you can apply these skills to earning a living (or at least a little extra income) online. Sites like Skillshare,, and WizIQ make it possible to teach classes and tutor students entirely from home. And if you're personable, you may even consider creating your own blog or YouTube channel, and asking for donations on sites like Patreon. Unlike sites like Kickstarter, which give you a lump sum of your donors' contributions, Patreon provides you with recurring revenue. Put your talents and knowledge as a teacher to work.


The ability to sell things – and to find people who are willing to buy those things – has been utterly transformed by the internet. Whether you scour junkyards for old car parts or are a bit of an arts-and-crafts addict, there are numerous outlets for selling your goods. If you own your own business, you will find that sites like eBay and Amazon make it possible to sell your wares not only locally and nationally, but to an international audience. And platforms like Etsy allow artists and craftsmen (and craftswomen) to sell handmade goods across boundaries and time zones, where previously these artists would have simply settled for yard sales and flea markets. Finally, e-commerce platforms like Squarespace, Paypal, and Braintree make it easy to monetize a corporate website, which helps entrepreneurs with small businesses venture into direct sales.

Work from Home. Earn from Home

If you've ever dreamed of becoming a freelancer, on a full-time or part-time basis, there has never been a better time than now to strike out and try it for yourself. Earning money online is not only feasible, it can be easy if you leverage your skills, take advantage of the proper outlets, and work diligently at it. So stop hesitating and start working – from home! What you make is up to you and the sky is the limit.

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