Top Companies to Work For as a Project Manager

Finding jobs in project management isn’t incredibly difficult, since a variety of industries have need for professionals with such a high level of expertise. Industries from healthcare to information technology to energy to construction will be on the lookout for project managers, with numerous positions available at any given time.

At this stage in your career, the challenge becomes finding the right company for which to work. Based on the overall strength as a business, employee satisfaction, average salaries, and work/life balance, these companies are some of the best to work with as a project manager.


Founded in the USA in 1898, Bechtel is one of the longest running construction companies in the country. It is also the 9th largest privately owned American company as of 2016, and works with other countries on all seven continents. With such an impressive history and large amount of clients, you can rest assured that this company won’t be going under anytime soon.

Starting salaries for project management related positions are upward of $60,000 a year, with the highest annual salaries at around $165,000. Job satisfaction is also very high, with major aggregate job reviewers reporting an overwhelmingly positive rating. Unfortunately, being such a large company makes advancement difficult without getting to know upper management very well, so it may not be easy to move upward in position without a solid tenure.


AECOM is a highly acclaimed international design firm that manages projects all over the world. It focuses mainly on design and engineering, and was named the #1 Top Design Firm in the Engineering News Record seven years running. Employee satisfaction is high, with many reviewers praising the salaries and work/life balance.

However, many employees also warn about frequent acquisitions that cause dramatic work climate changes, as well as employee turnover. Still, this company is very appealing for its salaries: project managers earn around $97,000 a year on average, with that same amount being the minimum for senior project managers. Advancement may be difficult, but the general consensus is that this is a fun, reasonable, and rewarding company for which to work.


CH2M HILL, an American company founded in 1946, is a global engineering firm that focuses on many industries. These industries include government work, water, transportation, and energy, among others. The wide variety of projects CH2M works on leads to a very interesting place to work, with many employees stating that they find their jobs challenging and rewarding. Work/life balance is also something many employees praise about this company, saying that their schedules are reasonable and management is supportive.
However, some complaints employees have had are that their job positions call for much more work out of them than initially advertised, and advancement can be difficult without getting to know upper management. Despite the extra work and difficulty with advancement, a position at CH2M HILL is still very desirable due to their average starting salary of $79,000 a year for project managers, and $100,000 a year for project engineers.


Jacobs Engineering Group is a massive engineering firm founded in Texas with over 200 branches all around the world. It focuses on aerospace engineering, petroleum, chemicals, industry, and building. From reviews left by former and current employees, the general consensus is that Jacobs has a relaxing work environment with many capable people and lots of room for advancement.

Unfortunately, some employees have stated that long-term job security can be fickle, and that benefits can be lacking. In addition, women may have issues with maternity leave: one woman was required to file for unemployment in order to receive maternity benefits. Starting salaries for project managers are a bit on the low side at around $57,000 a year, but with many advancement opportunities this salary will increase, with the average annual salary being around $112,000.


When looking for a career in project management, these four giant companies are terrific choices. They are well known internationally, making them excellent additions to any professional’s resume. In addition, there are many capable people working with these very successful companies, meaning they offer terrific learning experiences as well. Finally, their starting salaries are nothing to sneeze at, and within each of these companies it isn’t unreasonable to reach an annual salary of $100,000 within 10 years.

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