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Patience, not timing, is the key to successful investing

You’ve probably heard financial advice based on timing the market to achieve investing success. If it were that easy, everyone would be rich – and the 2008 financial crisis would not have occurred. The truth is that no one ever gets the timing just right on both entering and exiting the market.

Kevin Bradley, president and owner of Bradley Wealth Management, LLC, believes that you should follow established investment principles, which often require patience. Rather than trying to time the market, you must make the moves you need to make – either buying or selling – when they make sense for your situation.

“Investors will often try to follow what the experts say on TV or write about in articles,” said Bradley. “However, those people are not responsible for the consequences when a client follows their advice. When I provide a client with investment advice, I am accountable for what happens to their funds.”

Bradley founded Bradley Wealth Management, LLC, in 1996, and is a Certified Public Accountant in Maryland and Florida, with more than 32 years of experience. He provides tax preparation, accounting and auditing, retirement, tax and estate planning, and other accounting services. He focuses on attempting to find tax savings opportunities for clients to help improve their financial situation. Bradley also offers investment and retirement investment services through H.D. Vest Investment Services®.

Rather than finding the “right time” to invest, Bradley typically uses a “three-bucket approach” to investing. The first bucket contains investments that are based on your needs over the next one to two years – so they may be relatively conservative. The second bucket contains investments based on your needs in the next two to five years; these could be less conservative than the first bucket. The third bucket contains investments for needs that are more than five years away; they may be even less conservative than the first two buckets.

Bradley also suggests that clients meet periodically with their advisor to review their whole portfolio to see how the different investments work together, taking proactive steps to try to ensure that they are still on track in pursuit of their goals

For more information on Bradley Wealth Management LLC, visit: kevinbradleycpa.com

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