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According to Bloomberg economists, global capital markets volatility is historically low. There also has been sustained recovery in myriad economies. But, given all the interconnections in a global economy, no one can predict 2018 and beyond will be “smooth sailing.”

“Our mission at Northstar Financial Planners is to educate clients how global markets actually operate,” says its president Allen Giese, ChFC®, CLU®. “Given the realities, we emphasize that there is no margin of error – no room for inefficiency in portfolios.”

But, Northstar’s approach is that markets are allies, not adversaries. Their objective is to customize client portfolios that capture opportunities in global capital markets with the goal to build, increase, preserve, and transfer wealth. To accomplish that, Northstar supplements its expertise with a network of attorneys, CPAs, and insurance professionals.

Founded in Florida in 2000, this Registered Investment Advisory firm is independent and fee-based, with a minimum funding requirement of $500,000. That business model has always provided the fiduciary accountability the recent DOL ruling advocates.

“The clients are not only first,” explains Giese. “We aim to provide an overall experience beyond compare. That’s why they market for us.”

The unique Northstar process begins with the discovery meeting, or what Giese describes as a “deep dive” into the clients’ current financial and life situation. Their concerns could include cash flow management, tax mitigation, pre-retirement funding and post-retirement spending, estate planning, and philanthropy. Given the increasing longevity of Americans, the most common requirements are the ability to maintain a lifestyle during 30 or 40 years of retirement and protecting assets if long-term care is needed.

Because of this comprehensive consultative approach, Northstar Financial Planners Inc., is known for providing solutions for specific challenges. One is ensuring life-long financial support and care-taking for special-needs dependents. Giese understands this challenge first-hand as he is the father of a special-needs child. Another niche expertise is guiding special risk employees of the Florida Retirement System.

Following the discovery phase of the Northstar process are the investment planning meetings, a 45-day follow-up meeting, and ongoing reviews of progress.

Frequently clients’ situations change and simultaneously there are shifts in global capital markets. No surprise, Giese smirks at the notion that solely applying algorithms or “robotic investing” can be successful in managing a large portfolio. As Millennials build wealth, he predicts, they will recognize do-it-yourself investing is too risky.

Giese’s career began as a hybrid of hands-on management of the family’s retail operations along with an introduction to professional money management when his mother became a certified financial planner. In 1991, he followed her path as an agent in securities and insurance, then went on to launch his own boutique firm providing comprehensive financial services.

Northstar’s advisory fee is based solely on the assets managed and the services provided. The focus is on low-fee investment vehicles.

For more information, please visit: northstarplanners.com


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