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Social Security Education Creates Prudent Retirement Planning

Lessons learned through his parents’ misfortune planted the seed that grew in to a career in financial services.

Michael Hall, owner and president of Hall Financial Group, LLC, based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, talks openly about the fact that his father died just 18 months in to his hard-earned retirement leaving his mother with no pension benefits.

“He was uninformed about pension options,” Hall said. Because of his family’s experience, Hall added, “retirement planning has always been on my radar.”

Improving the financial education of his clients and others that may take the workshops offered by his firm is a major professional goal for Hall.

The best use of social security benefits is a headliner topic for many of the workshops. The Hall Financial Group’s website unabashedly lists what, in Hall’s viewpoint, are the top five questions regarding social security that each person should ask to determine how to best maximize benefits.

Hall not only recognizes the confusion that most folks have regarding social security; he understands it from an empathic view seeking to empower those he educates.
“It is a hot topic right now. As it should be,” he said.

But knowing the best option for use of social security benefits requires understanding how the other retirement planning options such as IRA’s, 401(k), etc., work best with social security, he said.

mike 001“Are you better off to pull money out of an IRA if you want to retire at age 62 and leave the social security to grow at a little better interest rate than what the bank currently presents?” he asks.

Sometimes yes. Sometimes no, he answers. But it is a question well worth exploring the answer to considering the fact that, “your Social Security benefit will increase for each year that you defer.”

Care and education of women investors – especially widows – is also a paramount concern for Hall. He knows women tend to outlive their spouses, but also in most cases have less retirement savings available to them because they were the primary caregiver for children and or aging parents rather than being the bread winner.

“They’ve been out of the work force for much of their lives. They have less Social Security and less pension benefits available to them,” he said, noting that he sees the guidance of women investors as an area in which the financial services industry ought to improve its performance. “Education is paramount.”

Read more about Michael Hall and the Hall Financial Group, LLC, online at: http://hallfinancialgroupllc.com

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