The Chicago Board of Trade revolutionized investing in 1993 with the introduction of its Volatility Index® (VIX® Index). It was the first benchmark index to measure the

Robo-advisors, investment apps, and low-cost investment funds are drawing wide attention as consumers face new challenges to the traditional model of consulting 

Holistic financial planning helps families. At least half of Americans do not have a written financial plan. However, those who do have a plan say documenting their goals and strategies

Investors are increasingly concerned about continued market volatility in the early 2020s. A recent Natixis survey of institutional investors found a majority of those polled were

American workers used to putting in long hours and overtime often experience a jarring transition to retirement. After all, the average worker racks up about 1,800 labor-hours per year

Investors seek companies to match their values. Historically, most people focus primarily on the bottom line when it comes to evaluating and making investments in the stock market.

With a Dow average around 25,000 it would be easy for investors to be relaxed about their invest¬ments. Yet working with an advisor to understand nuances and goals can help through times

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