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Using Real-World Scenarios to Educate Clients Tailoring examples to personal situations

Many financial advisors provide clients with reams of information about financial products in their portfolios. These documents go into detail on risk factors, fund components, past performance, future projections, and other facts and figures. Weatherly has a client base of intelligent, hardworking individuals who often don’t have the time to research our recommendations, or they have expertise in other industries.

Clients can also have difficulty relating investment strategies to their individual situations. There can be a disconnect between how small changes today will impact the future. Carolyn P. Taylor, founding partner of Weatherly Asset Management, L. P., believes that financial advisors should use realistic examples to more clearly demonstrate how different investments and strategies fit clients’ lives and goals.

caroynt200x100“Whenever we discuss investment options with clients, we innately seek thorough knowledge of their circumstances surrounding life, livelihood and learning style and relate strategies to real life examples; allowing us to gauge their understanding of the issues,” said Taylor. “We tailor scenarios to clients’ investment goals to ensure we communicate the important details, and enable them to make informed decisions.”

Taylor has more than 35 years of portfolio management experience. In 1994, she founded Weatherly Asset Management, a registered investment advisory firm that offers money management and wealth preservation services to high-net-worth individuals, small businesses, and institutional clients. The firm’s core focus is on custom investment portfolios and planning, including - retirement, tax, philanthropic, college and financial planning, as well as estate and wealth transfer guidance.

Weatherly seeks to learn problems deeply, create solutions that are uniquely relevant – and communicate them in a manner that feeds their clients’ hearing style.. While some clients will understand advisors’ explanations right away, others need repetition or additional support. The firm’s advisors will pause during a conversation to ask questions while discussing complex strategies to ensure clarity. . They will repeat examples in different ways to see what clients latch onto, and use common jargon from everyday life to help them grasp concepts more easily.


While young investors are adept at using technology to access financial information, they sometimes get caught up in the ability to receive instantaneous data. Verbal conversations bridge the gap between financial advice and the application to their portfolios. Taylor uses various approaches to make the investment process easier to understand and more comfortable. The firm’s advisors combine different tools, such as graphical representations, summary documents and numerical analyses, to ensure that clients understand their options.

“We’ll even engage clients using humorous scenarios based on their lives to lighten the mood and educate them,” said Taylor. “However, we treat investing, and our clients’ funds, very seriously, as they’ve put their trust in us. The goal is to help clients make the best investment decisions for the long-term, and it’s gratifying when they express their appreciation for helping them to achieve their financial goals.”

For more information on Weatherly Asset Management, visit: Working with a highly-rated adviser does not ensure that a client or prospective client will experience a higher level of performance or results. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.


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