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Several recent surveys by top investment think tanks all point to the same unfortunate conclusion: in most cases, investors simply do not understand the amount of risk contained within their respective portfolios. They cannot accurately describe what actions their respective advisor takes to protect their assets. They simply do not know the answer to perhaps one of investing most crucial questions: Is your advisor acting with a fiduciary standard in regards to the money you entrust?

For the leader­ship team at Faubourg Private Wealth Advisors, LLC, based in Metairie, La, just outside of New Orleans, providing a clear, concise answer to that question couched within the day-to-day work­ing relationship established with clients is top priority. The team of Jean Paul Lagarde, David Soliman and Tyson Vanlandingham each bring a set of dis­tinct skills that when combined in trio provides the firm’s clients with not just the answers to the important investing questions, but also a pathway to their financial future.

“Educating our clients,” regarding our firm belief in reducing risk, in teaching them what the true risks are within their investment portfolios and instructing clients and “showing” them options for mitigating risk, is the leading edge for Faubourg, Lagarde said.

His background in institutional investing – a segment of the market long known for working to preserve assets through risk management methods not necessarily popular on Wall Street– and his analytical skills to size up the equities market are a well-honed tool that blends well with Vanlandingham’s emphasis on relationship-building and Soliman’s expertise in operations.

The trio is confident in their combined ability to create and maintain fiduciary-style relationships with their clients that tosses out the cookie cutter one-size-fits-all approach to financial management and favors customization.

They aren’t believers in “stay put” strategies that just wait out market corrections for whatever length of time – months or years – it takes for more then the traditional approach to recover losses.

“Waiting out the market cycle for two to five years to wait for the market to recover is not the way we like to approach things,” Soliman said. “We believe in making sure our investors are provided the tools to when the market begins to tank.”

This involves Lagarde spending a large portion of his day looking at a plethora of financial factors including economic data, exchange rates, commodities pricing, credit ratings and bond market activity.

The firm’s independence from propriety products gives it the ability to maneuver in and out of various market holdings without pressure to sell “X” brand name.
The trio likes this freedom – mostly because they believe it can give their clients confidence they could never provide under a corporate identity.

It is best demonstrated when firm clients are in to their retirement years seeking to balance the cost of their golden years against the distribution phase of their financial lives as well as the potential draining effects of long-term care.

“There are now a plethora of interesting services available especially surrounding long-term care that we are able to freely discuss with our clients. We have the flexibility to discuss these options that a lot of other advisors don’t. They are more restricted by their firm protocol regarding what services they can and cannot discuss,” Soliman explained. “We are in the position to be comprehensive, dynamic, and distinct financial practitioners and approach clients from every side of the balance sheet. Since we are independent and do adhere to the fiduciary standard, we can provide the level of care that is required rather than quickly trying to deal with a client and move on to the next.”

In fact, an investment of time with clients is one the trio and the firm’s support staff make.

Through a defined process of face-to-face meetings and phone calls, they strive for each client to receive at least 12 touches per year from the firm. It includes quarterly meetings with check-up phone calls in between, Vanlandingham said.

The firm added to staff to facilitate this level of client contact, but Vanlandingham said the extra support is essential to maintaining the type of relationships the firm founders want to have with investors.

“We have a certain standard of care that matches up to where each of our clients are in their respective life cycle,” he said. “This level of client contact helps us to make sure they have what they need to stay on track with their specific plan.”

The firm’s relationship with its clients is akin to a partnership, Soliman said. And like any partnership, both sides of it need to honest, open and willing to listen.

In terms of the firm’s participation, Soliman said Faubourg’s goal is to recognize each investor has unique needs. Transparency regarding the firm’s fee structure is paramount and thorough explanation of all costs to the investors is standard operating procedure.

Faubourg does not cater to just the individual investor, but also 401k programs, not for profits and endowments. Jaron Miller who heads the firm’s 401k operations has worked with Vanlandingham and Soliman for years and comes with considerable private banking experience. “Too many corporations have a set it and forget it attitude towards their 401k programs” according to Miller. He added “with the amount of regulatory changes that have come out in the last couple of years, many companies are unknowingly non-compliant with their plans, which can result in staggering fines that pile up daily.” Miller and his team can identify compliance shortfalls, and can offer access to a wide range of investment options since their independent office allows them to work with an extensive network of 401k providers, giving them the ability to assist with the customization and tailoring of a plan to fit the needs of each individual business. In many cases these companies can save a significant amount of money on their plans after making the transition. “The process is quicker than you might think.” 

Their story has resonated with clients and advisors alike. They founded Faubourg Private Wealth a year ago with 5 associates in a single office. Since, they now have grown to twelve associates with two locations.

“We are a strong believer in maintaining a fiduciary standard with our clients,” Soliman said. “I know that word gets thrown around frequently, but for us, it truly does mean something. It means being able to provide that impartial standard of care without exception. We strive to provide each client with an objective, unique experience that focuses solely on their needs.”

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Investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

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