Planning for an Active Phase II of Life

Every day 100,000 baby boomers retire. Along with that fact comes opportunities and challenges for financial professionals. While many financial planners are highly experienced when it comes to helping these individuals accumulate wealth, few are equally adept at helping them spend it wisely. Indeed, an American College/Investment News poll found that a whopping 94 percent of financial professionals believe that planners need to know more about retirement income planning, which focuses on spending, as opposed to retirement planning, which looks at accumulation.

“Without question, people are living longer and healthier,” John Choudhary, Managing Principal at CAM Private Wealth Services, told The Suit. “That has changed the way we work for our clients. We don’t just plan for retirement, or what used to be known as the golden years. We plan for an active Phase II of life.”

Bringing some 14 years of industry experience to the table, Choudhary worked with high net-worth individuals and businesses for global giant UBS Financial Services prior to forming CAM. He created CAM in the belief that clients would be best served in an independent setting.

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, CAM is an independent financial planning and wealth management practice focused on helping clients preserve and build wealth by using carefully curated strategies. Choudhary and his team provide discipline, structure and perspective. The aim is to keep clients fixated on the “big picture” and to keep them away from fad investments and fleeting trends. Totally independent, CAM is associated with the Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network.

“Our association with Wells Fargo gives clients the best of both worlds,” Choudhary explained. “We have access to one of the country’s largest and most respected investment firms’ resources and financial strengths. Plus, we offer the customized and personal service unique to a boutique firm.”

In addition to pre- and post-retirement plans, specialties include personal net-worth analysis, education planning, fee-based portfolio management, asset allocation review, independent professional money management, cash flow planning, and long-term care and disability insurance.

CAM's clients are mostly affluent individuals who come by way of referrals. “We are not all things to all people,” Choudhary shared. “And since most clients come by word of mouth, they understand that. We build enduring and effective professional relationships. Every investment portfolio is unique to a person’s goals and risk tolerance. We are about customized solutions, services and communication.”

To be sure, the more money you have, the more complex your finances are likely to be. Choudhary and his team work diligently to ensure clients are making the most of their resources and to protect them from uncertainty. That’s certainly a comfort to his growing and prosperous client base.

Investment products and services are offered through Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC (WFAFN), Member SIPC, is a registered broker-dealer and non-bank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company.  CAM Private Wealth Services is a separate entity from WFAFN.

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