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What Game Are You Playing?: A Framework for Redefining Success and Achieving What Matters Most

Empowering People with the Tools to get GUTSY


On the whole, Americans in 2019 are among the most fortunate humans ever to live. We live better, longer, healthier than our forebears, and have the means and information to accomplish almost anything we’ve imagined. But on an individual scale, as it has gotten far easier to survive physiologically, we’ve become increasingly preoccupied with higher order needs like love, esteem, and self-realization. At the same time, the cultural conditioning that has always been a part of any society has run amok with the explosion of technology, challenging our ability to clearly understand ourselves and make decisions accordingly.

RobinGuitar300What Game Are You Playing?: A Framework for Redefining Success and Achieving What Matters Most [Greenleaf Book Group, September 10, 2019] by Robin Moriarty Ph.D., empowers people to be gutsy enough to exercise agency over their lives and offers an accessible framework for achieving what matters most. Through a series of vivid personal examples and fun exercises designed as a game, the book enables readers to gain awareness of the way they want to live their lives, redefine success on their own terms and map out what they will need to do to get there. Moriarty helps readers recognize—and then step away from—the expectations of others to truly soar.

“From the moment we’re born, others’ expectations shape our behaviors, choices, and definitions of success,” says Dr. Moriarty. “Conditioning is a part of every society, and it’s not necessarily bad. It just means that someone else is defining your bigger game of life for you. When you play your own game, you write the rules, you decide what winning looks like, you control the choices, you make the moves, and you can design the game to be what you want it to be. So, no matter what game others are playing, you’re playing your own game, and you’re winning.”

While other books have encouraged readers to follow their passion or purpose or to just stop caring about what other people think, that sometimes feels unrealistic when there are bills to pay and important people in our lives that we care about. What Game Are You Playing? also helps you see how to live happily within broader social constructs and responsibilities that you may not be able to change. It encourages you to choose, play, adapt, and move forward.

People who will especially benefit from the book’s lessons include:

  • Those who find themselves stressed out because of external comparisons to others, especially with social media and work pressures, and who need a new perspective to deal with this and to feel good about themselves and what they are doing.

  • Those in mid-life / quarter-life crises or other moments of big change in their personal and professional lives who are asking themselves, “What am I doing with my life? Am I living it the way I want to be living it?”

  • Those who are looking for tools to create more happiness and validation regarding their life choices at work and at home.

“So many of us have timelines built around others’ expectations,” adds Dr. Moriarty. “What if you erased those, started with a clean slate and instead drew the things that are most important for you and focused every day on those? What if you ditched the milestones that others have taught you are important and created your own plan based on a more expansive view of what a full and successful life looks like? That’s gutsy—and rewarding.”

A3D Bookbout the Author:
Robin Moriarty, PhD, is a global business executive, speaker, author, adjunct professor, and thought leader for businesses and non-profit organizations. She has lived on four continents and traveled to 60+ countries. Over the course of her career, Dr. Moriarty has focused on aligning businesses with opportunities to create positive societal impact in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. As adjunct professor at The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, Dr. Moriarty taught cross-cultural leadership to future global leaders. She regularly shares her observations and advice on navigating complex work and life questions through speaking engagements for students and professionals and on her website,

Connect with Robin Moriarty at


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