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Over the past two decades, phenomenal advancements have been made in computer technology. That's an understatement: GPS and satellites, electronic data storage, the Internet, tablets, e-readers and smartphones, along with the latest and greatest personal computers, are some of the innovative products that have already transformed our world. Programs and software enabling users to do things like access the web safely, manage social networks, buy online and even download large files at breakneck speed, keep coming in an unrelenting stream.

Paul Polifrone and Rob Heintz, co-owners of ITeam IT and Data Services LLC, must keep up with these trends. “Things can be different from today and tomorrow because it’s such a fast-paced, constantly changing market,” they told “The Suit.” “Cloud computing, new processors, new technologies – it’s getting faster and faster every day.”

In today’s digital age, computers and other electronic devices can present a nightmare for those not up-to-date on the latest technology. New programs and software keep coming and PC maintenance alone can be an overwhelming task, even for users with moderate computer literacy.

As IT consultants, Heinz and Polifrone steer their company toward service for those out of the “digital loop.”  ITeam offers a myriad of computer services, from helping start-ups set up networking and security in new offices, to on-site virus and spyware removal, and even custom building PCs. “We pretty much cover all avenues,” said Polifrone.

What places the ITeam on a higher podium is the company’s ability to help a wide range of customers. Offering at-home services and even on-site training means fast and reliable service without the customer lugging in large pieces of machinery. With such a wide spectrum of IT knowledge, they can help advanced users as well as novices navigate through the many ins and outs of computing today.

Whether setting up a network in a business office, configuring and integrating programs, or installing a video game center in a man-cave, the ITeam offers the highest quality equipment and services. “We don’t want to build something with poor quality products in it,” said Heinz. “Customers tell us what they want and we try and build it to suit their needs.” 

In today’s tough economic climate, consumers want low cost, too, without jeopardizing or minimizing service quality. Polifrone and Heintz take pride in offering the same quality as competitors while giving their clients the benefit of cost savings. The ITeam is expanding their services even as the IT industry keeps expanding its technology. “We’re keeping up with the trends,” they said. That's IT!

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